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Unisex Summer Fashion for both Men and Women

Updated on July 12, 2013
David and Julie Eisenhower fishing and matching with summer fashion 1971
David and Julie Eisenhower fishing and matching with summer fashion 1971 | Source

Every since we were younger they have been clothes that are strictly meant for females and clothes that are strictly meant for males. Pink or yellow is for girls. Dresses and skirts are for girls. Blue and green are for boys. Pants and shorts are for boys. This can be very limiting, especially for those that like to explore different fashions. Well here are some clothing styles and clothing items that both men and women can wear. These are very gender-bending and perfect for the summer.

RayBan Aviators
RayBan Aviators | Source
Viele flfl  flip flops
Viele flfl flip flops | Source


Whether a female or male or both, fedoras are a great fashion accessory that looks great on almost everyone. Not only are they great for sun and uv protection but they are a multifunctional. Bad hair day, cloudy/rainy weather, whatever the case these hats are stylish and convenient.


Aviator sunglasses, Ray Bans sunglasses, these sun glasses are classics, and pretty much everyone can rock these too, no matter what gender or age. You can go colorful, prints, or more neutral colors. Either way they offer uv protection and simple style.

Flip flops and sandals

The sun glasses of your feet, flip flops and sandals are a great way to keep your feet comfortable and cool as you walk.

Espadrilles | Source
Espardenyes or Espadrille
Espardenyes or Espadrille | Source

Tank tops

Cheap, easy, and versatile tank tops look great on both men and women. Relatively cheap these shirts can go a long way. You can pair them over a blazer and shorts (or a skirt or pants), you can go fun or you can go classy. It’s up to you.

Polo/collared shirt sleeve shirts

Polos and collared short-sleeve shirts are good for those days when you want to go for a more preppy look or have an active day ahead of you. Whether out and about at a country club or golf field or planning a fun day playing tennis or racquet, polo shirts are classy alternatives to tank tops and are modish and whether appropriate.

Espadrille slip-ons

Espadrille style slip-ons are great for those days when you don’t/cant where flip flops or sandals but are looking for a weather friendly and trendy alternative to them. Rainy, cold weather, dry cracked or corn infested feet, clipping nail polish, overtly long toe nails, etc whatever the reason for those days when your feet can not (and must not) be shown in public espadrille slip-ons offer smart.

Plaid Shirt
Plaid Shirt | Source

Graphic Tees

Colorful, funny, witty, cute and smart graphic tee shirts are great no matter gender or age. Babies can work it, tweens and teens can rock it and young adults can rock graphic tees.


For those cooler summer days or for hiking, camping or heading out to the desert, flannel and plaid shirts are great for men and women, babies, teens and kids.

Denim vest or jackets

When the weather gets colder and damper a denim vest or jacket can work wonders. Pair them with a tank and some shorts and sandals and you are good to go.

Overalls | Source


Blazers are shape shifters. They can be classy or dressy depending on what you put under and over it. They are generally unisex too. Pair them with a skirt, pants or shorts, heels or dressy shoes they can be classy. Throw on a graphic tee shirt underneath or pair of denim shorts and espadrille slip-ons and they can be more casual.


Overalls are risky for a lot of reasons, but they are also uni-sexed too. Farmers wear denim and the World War II Rosie Riveters women factory workers wore overalls. For the Fashion Mrs and Fashionistas overalls are good for those casual days when they want denim to be center (and only) focus of their outfits. Denim overalls are also great for the cooler, wetter days of summer. Even so, overalls are time and weather tested men and women approved.

So there you have it, unisex summer clothing items that both genders can rocks. As heads turn and you get compliments left and right please be sure to thank me and share your opinions in the comments below, thank you!!!

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