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Up Your Fitness Wear Game: 5 Clothing Items Which Are Must in Your Gym Bag

Updated on July 24, 2016

Up Your Fitness Wear Game: 5 Clothing Items Which Are Must in Your Gym Bag

You love to move; you are the official chanter for the “keep fit” mantra – but things not looking hot enough in the trendy fitness wear department? Be it yoga or Pilates or intense cardio workout while you are at the gym, great fitness wear makes for an interesting workout, especially for women, who are already so fashion conscious and want to look the same hot self they are otherwise. Not enough ideas to keep it spicy? Read on for what all should definitely be there in your gym bag.

  1. The most necessary sports bra – Whether you think it or not, a great sports bra not just lifts your assets, it also lifts up your spirits! Try a great one from Lorna Jane, the iconic fashion brand from Australia where the bras have been designed to bring out your best – also in the fashion sense. Look extra sexy and you can work extra hard without the extra lines on your face! A good sports bra will make it comfortable enough for you and appealing enough for the world to look!
  2. The cool three-fourths or tights – You need those perfect body-hugging tights or three-fourths to accentuate your legs and support your thighs – and also, to show off that amazing backside! If you feel you are not in the shape that much, a good pair of tights will stretch the saggy bits right into place and smoothen your profile into something more appealing. You definitely need that kind of a “look good feel better” clothing item in your gym bag to keep the motivation up!
  3. The amazing tank – For the shy ones out there, who don’t want to show off too much skin and yet be in the style game at the gym, this one is for you. Grab those super sexy tanks, which hug you the right way from Lorna Jane – the most stylish fitness wear brand and feel the fluidity and confidence surging through your persona! This is an absolute must-have in your bag if you need to catch the eye of “that cute guy”!
  4. Sweats and hoodies – What are you changing in once you are done with your workout? Well, you don’t want to look like a drag right after looking like a fitness diva back inside the yoga class, do you? Go for a perfectly fitting, snug and stylish hoodie, which does the dual job of protecting you from the breeze and keeping you looking super stylish even as you walk out of the gym. Grab one online or try something nice at a sportswear store.
  5. Shorts, shorts, shorts! – What ups the style quotient more than a confident strut in hot, short shorts? Own a great pair of shorts, which keeps itself out of your exercise business and keeps you in the style game. The hot quotient goes right up., and you are sure to grab some eyeballs! Also, shorts are more comfortable for an intense workout as they keep you cooler.

Also, keep these points in mind if you are looking for looking stylish when you work out:

- Carry accessories, which are both stylish and functional. A cool sipper with a great statement is only this much help if it is too heavy to carry to the gym every day or puny to contain enough water for the session.

- Take care of your hair well. Eat well and look for hairstyles, which look great, and also, let you exercise in peace. A fancy up-do will look good if you are at a party, and we are looking for something simple yet organized like braids.

- Look for what’s going on – why not do some research on what all to do and how to do it well by simply looking around you?

- Have a good enough bag – your closet may be full of interesting bags in all sizes, but you have to have a great gym bag to put all your sexy clothes in too. A lady is judged by her bags, they say. Invest in a good quality, sturdy and nice looking bag, which is roomy as well as easy to carry without breaking your shoulder.

Build a great body while you look your best using these fashion hacks! Get back in the fashion fitness game right away!


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