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Upcoming Fashion Trends: Modern Renaissance

Updated on June 3, 2013
Beyonce Met Gala gown
Beyonce Met Gala gown | Source

What is Modern Renaissance?

As Paris Fashion Week wraps up, the movement begins. An enlightenment of sorts, that dates back to the Renaissance era. The fashion world is embracing the era of DaVinci and Michelangelo the best way it knows how, by dressing like it. Celebrities like Beyoncé have been wearing artistic clothing for months like the piece by Givenchy to the 2013 Met Gala.

Alexander McQueen @ Paris Fashion Week
Alexander McQueen @ Paris Fashion Week | Source

Designer Highlights

The Alexander McQueen runway show in Paris brought us all back to the good ol' days of the Elizabethan Era with a modern touch. Puffed sleeves and bare shoulders as seen to the left, will be the highlight of any average girl's closet once this trend takes hold. The mid-drift belt is already a staple in most fashion retail stores, in turn it adds a modern touch to the extremely vintage trend. Other designers like Dolce and Gabana embrace the mosaic dress (below) along with a very chic crown.

Dolce and Gabana @ Milan Fashion Week
Dolce and Gabana @ Milan Fashion Week | Source

How does this translate to the average person's closet?

Many fashion mags speculate that this trend will solely be a high fashion fad that wont materialize into people's closets. However, fashion retailers have already made an attempt at making the
"re-birth" happen in people's closets. Ankle length dresses and head pieces will be all the rage this winter to simulate the element of royalty on the catwalks of Europe. Turtle-neck jackets, puffy shirts, and gold accented shirts will allow men to crossover into this trend in the winter. Gold accents and black will undoubtedly be a staple for this year.

Tyga | Source
Dress valued at 9.99
Dress valued at 9.99 | Source

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