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Upgrade Her Engagement Ring

Updated on June 22, 2011

You may ask yourself why any woman would want to upgrade her engagement ring when she already has a perfectly good one (that you probably spent a lot of time and effort to pick).  There are many reasons. For one thing, a woman can never have enough jewelry!  *Take note of this…it may well be the key to a long and happy marriage.*  So, totally beyond the fact that even asking her if she wants a new ring will remind her all over again why she loves you (your obvious thoughtfulness!), there are several occasions that could warrant upgrading the solid symbol of your love. 

Anniversaries are a good example. Let’s be honest, you have no idea which anniversary is wood and which is platinum (she probably doesn’t either). But who will care when you show up with diamonds?! Hey, they go with everything! Also, many people get married when they’re young and have nothing, so now that you’ve got the job you always wanted (plus house, kids, pets, etc.), don’t you think it’s time to get the ring you would have picked the first time around (if only you’d had the money)? Go for it, she won’t complain. And you’ve all had that in-the-doghouse moment when flowers just won’t cut it.  So why not remind her of the first proposal by getting to one knee with a new ring and a renewal of your love?

Or better yet, renew your vows. This is definitely the best reason to upgrade her engagement ring. For one thing, now that you’ve been together for awhile, you probably have a much better idea of her style, allowing you to show her that you pay enough attention to know what kind of jewelry she prefers. Or you can let her choose the ring herself this time around, ensuring that she gets exactly what she wants. In truth, you simply can’t go wrong if you upgrade her engagement ring. At the very least, it’s an unparalleled gesture of your love. Beyond that, you will have added a valuable heirloom that will someday be passed on to future generations of your family.


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