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Urban Decay Naked Palette Eyeshadow Review

Updated on May 21, 2012
Urban Decay Naked Palette and Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Palette and Primer Potion

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay is known for its high quality, high impact cosmetics. The Urban Decay Naked Palette does not disappoint. The palette contains twelve high quality shadows and a shadow brush. It also comes with the cult favorite primer potion.

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette is a great value considering you get twelve full sized eyeshadows for under $50. If purchased separately, the eyeshadows cost $17 each ($204 for the full set). Plus, you also get the brush and the primer potion if you opt for the palette.

There are a few colors I don’t use very much, but overall I think the quality is great and it’s at a very reasonable price (even if you don’t use all the eyeshadows regularly). I enjoy having all these colors in one package that I can conveniently have at my fingertips, especially when I’m traveling. The biggest complaint I've heard about this palette is the packaging. The outer cover is a velvety material that attracts dirt and fingerprints, and the palette itself is a flimsy cardboard and plastic combo that is held shut by a magnet. I've been very careful with mine and have not had a problem yet, but I can see that it could be an issue.

Here’s my honest review of the eyeshadows in the Urban Decay Naked Palette.


Virgin is a nude beige eyeshadow with a satin finish. This is a great shadow for highlighting lighter skin tones. I do wish it were more matte because I feel it has just a little too much shimmer for an everyday highlighter. However, Virgin still is a great eyeshadow and gets a lot of use. I like it as a subtle lid color or as a highlighter for a night-on-the-town.


Urban Decay’s Sin is a light champagne pink, similar to Stila's Kitten eye shadow. It has a bit of shimmer, but isn't glittery. It’s very feminine and a popular shade since it works well on almost all skin tones. Urban Decay has a number of products that come in Sin.


This is a matte, light brown shadow. It’s a very versatile color and probably my favorite of the Urban Decay Naked Palette. This can be used on your lid or on you crease, depending on the look you’re going for. I almost always use Naked. It can be an easy all-over color or it can give a sophisticated look more depth.


Sidecar is a light bronze with chunky glitter.It’s a good eyeshadow for a glitzy night out. This is a pretty color, but prone to fallout.Priming your eyelid is a must.I do not tend to use Sidecar much since it’s not wearable in the daytime and because of the fallout.I also find it annoying that the glitter finds its way into other colors in the palette.


This is the second matte shade of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette. Buck is a rich, medium brown. Like Naked, it is also a very versatile eyeshadow and can add a lot of depth to just about any look.

Half Baked

Half Baked is a coppery gold with a very shimmery metallic finish. I find it a great way to glam-up the eye area. Because it is golden it has very warm undertones. It is still wearable on my cool skin, but I usually need to blend it with other colors. I still enjoy wearing Half Baked on occasion, however.


Urban Decay’s Smog is a shimmery, bronze brown. It also is a bit on the warmer side, but it is more bronze than gold. It is a great crease color if you’re wearing Half Baked on your lid.


Darkhorse is a rich chocolate brown eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer.This is another versatile color that will give you a lot of depth.Since its on the darker side, it makes a great crease color and can easily add some drama to your eyes.


Toasted is a pinkish brown with a frosted finish. It’s similar to Sin, but a bit darker. There’s enough pink in it too make it feminine and fun, but it’s still very neutral. It’s beautiful on the lid. I like to blend it with Sin for a bit more depth.


Urban Decay’s Hustle is a frosted, brownish plum with pink undertones. This is a great eyeshadow for your crease with Toasted or Sin.


Creep is a very dark gray-black with silver shimmer. There’s a bit of sparkle to it, but I wouldn’t classify it as chunky glitter. This shadow is fantastic to add a little sparkle to a smoky eye. This is the darkest shade of the Urban Decay Naked Palette.


Gunmetal is a very shimmery, metallic silver. It’s a very rich shadow that looks like a mixture of colors when applied. It can be very striking and works best if you’re going for a smoky look.

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Urban Decay's Naked Palette also comes with a travel sized primer potion. This is a cult favorite and a must-have for anyone that’s serious about makeup. Applying Urban Decay Primer Potion before eyeshadow will keep your eye makeup from creasing and help it stay put all day. It has a silky consistency and helps get maximum payoff from your eyeshadows.


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