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Urban Decay Perversion Mascara Review

Updated on August 21, 2015

New Mascara

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

Who doesn't love Urban Decay eyeshadow? I could start a blog just for all those eyeshadows and write for years. Well, what about the mascara is it all the rage to? Not sure, if you wanna drop a nice piece of cash for it? Well, find out if it’s worth it! I love eye makeup, it is my favorite feature and favorite thing to do fun and loud, make up with. So, when I got another email from Ulta (its a make up store), for a free Birthday gift, I said yes please. I love free and UD. I promise I have full size products but, I just had a birthday so, I’m trying a lot of these beauty products for the first time. Thought that’d be a good place to start, getting to know new products and give info to others that would want to try them to.

About The Product

This product is a sample size,3ml/0.01 fl oz. It came in a small folded card, like a perfume spray sample. The slogan for Perversion is Bigger, Blacker, Badder, well we will see about that. HAHA. I do like metallic style of the bottle, it is very stylish and creative looking. It looks true to the UD way. I did get this mascara in black, that is for the most part the only color, I wear. I like those eyes to pop!

Opened Up

The Color

Yeah Gunk Everywhere

My Review

Well….lets start with the brush, its long and has lots of bristles. This is to get thickness and length on those lashes. I don't like the look of those skinny massacre brushes, give me. I opened the top and did, like the brush and was happy about that. The case as you can see, was all clean when I got it but, once I pumped the brush in and out a few times to make sure it was covered evenly, the whole ring around the bottle was covered in black yuck. Yeah, no body likes black marks all over their, hands from just touching the bottle. Well, all that junk, clumped my brush up. I cleaned the brush and bottle up, to try this again. To no surprise the lid was yucky again as well as, the brush was clumped. I know, sad face. I loved Urban Decay so much, I went ahead and applied it anyway. Yes, my finger tips did get some black smudges on them from all of the clumps, all over the place. I applied it evenly on both eyes, it did go on ok, other then a few clump spots. I worked to smooth my lashes out and the mascara did make my lashes longer and thicker. So, just when I thought ok maybe there is something good here. I cleaned up my make up area because, thats like a train wreck and another story, for a another day. It took a few minutes to straighten up my stuff, still not cleannnnn. HAHA. I looked in the mirror just to double check everything and I had black lines under and above my eyes where I had blinked and it wasn’t dry. I never have had a nicer brand of massacre do that, and most of my cheaper brands don’t even do that. This product was a real disappointed for me, I have had a real passion for Urban Decay for years and have liked almost everything from their line but, this really didn't have anything for me. I would not go buy a full size Perversion mascara, and I really hate to say that. I do say thank you for the gift but, I I’ll stick with a different brand or maybe I'll try a different version of UD mascara one day! ~LillyRose


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