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Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette Review

Updated on September 1, 2015

Vice 3


Three Hours

Hello, fellow beauty lovers! Hope everybody is having a wonderful, Tuesday! It's the first day of September, incase you didn't know. HAHA! But, do you know what that means? FALL! It's time to enjoy pumpkin spice coffee, big sweaters and my favorite leggings. I'm ready, are you? I want some more fun, big sweaters. If you read yesterdays post, my left side was really bothering me. I thought, I may of had a pulled muscle. But, then I found out I was in pain, right where your spleen is. So, then I started getting scared and went to urgent care. After, three hours. They found I had a fractured rib. No wonder it hurts when, I breath. SURPRISE!!

Big Bold Bright

Very excited to share another eye product. By now, we all know that's my favorite kind of make up. I love when eyes look big ,bold, and bright. The three Bs. You know what I say, make those eyes pop! I wanna see them, a mile away. So, no surprise I would try this palette. I actually recived this, UD VICE 3, as a gift. My boyfriend, did good huh? I was so excited, I love a lot of Urban Decay products, there are some though, that I'm not so found of. Go check out my other reviews, to see which ones, I don't recommend. Do, I have an obsession with eye make up? So, I could be addicted to something worse.

Inside The Palette


My Review

Opening the cardboard box, I was pleasantly surprised, to find my palette was in a cute make up bag. Yeah! That's a nice little bonus, thank you! This palette, is a metallic like color with a multi colored stripes. It does have the word Vice, written on the cover, written in green. I found this whole design very fun and creative. If you have ever seen or used in UD products, you know they like to play around with their product designs.They are always, well urban. See the name come into play. Opening this palette I found, there is a full mirror, in the lid. Love that, helps if your in a hurry or riding in the car. Keeps things easier on the go. Please remember, never apply make up and drive. HAHA! I see you over there putting on lipstick, going down the road. I also was, happy to find a dual end, eyeshadow brush, another thank you very much. No, telling how many eyeshadows, I have bough and didn't come with anything to apply it with. Did you want me to use my fingers? I mean, I have before but, it's a major waste of product. I do have most of the UD palettes, that have been made in the last eight years. I have been happy with them, for the most part. But, I have to try them all! In this palette, you will find the colors Truth, Dragon, Vanity, Alien, Last Sin, Angel, Alchemy, Lucky, Freeze, Undone, Downfall, Heroine, Reign, Bondage, Sonic, Bobby Dazzle, Brokedown, and Dtf. That is twenty colors, in one palette!! Whatttt? Yes, I did say twenty! If your not familiar with, all these colors, I did add a picture so, you could see them all. Using the brush, this kit came with, I started playing with the colors. Yes, I'm like a child but, we all already knew that. I found these eyeshadows true, to the way UD eyeshadows apply. They are powder but, go on very smooth and did not take much product at all to get a soft or more bold look. I did a smokey eye with this palette and wore it all day working and by the end of the day, my eyes still looked just as good. The make up hadn't started to sweat off or smear. Vice three, has a lot going for it. You can see it has a few more neutral colors in it and a lot of brighter and bold colors. I'm really into this because, I found I could do a really simply look or get really crazy and loud, all with just this one kit. This could, be for any beauty lover. Not, sure if you wanna go bright? That's ok play with the light and more natural colors, for work. Ready to go out on that hot date? No problem, open the same palette and use these youthful colors, that have some shine to them. I feel like there is endless possibilities, when opening this and that's a great feeling. I say ladies, go get this palette and get creative. Every beauty lover needs this! I look forward to all the new palettes UD, will be putting out but, this one is by far my favorite.

Questions And Comments

I would like to add, I am in no way, paid by any cosmetic company to write reviews. I love trying new products and even telling about old favorites. If you have questions about todays product or even want a review about a different product, please feel free to ask!


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