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Use Konad Nail Art Plates for Nail Stamping Fun

Updated on July 17, 2011

Konad Nail Art Plates for Nail Stamping

Nail stamping is a process by which an intricate pattern is applied by way of a stamp to a fingernail or toenail. Patterns are provided by nail plates -  such as the Konad nail art plates - which are circular discs containing a selection of designs.

Whereas nail art pens allow you to draw and intricate design onto your nails, stamping nail art give the same end result without having to worry about having a steady hand.

The process is simple ~ you take you chosen nail art plates (which are effectively stencils) and pick the design you want to apply to your nails ~ which must have a base coat of colour on them.

Place your stensil of a clean surface and paint over your chosen design with nail polish.

 Use the Konad scraper to scrape away the excess polish then apply the stamp to the stencil to pick up the design ~ then apply the design to you nail.

Nail art stamping plates are available in a wide range of designs from those specifically for nail tips to fabulously funky designs including butterflies, flowers and amazing abstracts.

These would make a great present for any girl into her nail art, be she 9 or 90 ~ or they make a great individual treat for anyone wanting to stand out from the crowd.

Konad Nail Art Plates

 The range of designs available means that there's no doubt there will be something to suit you or the person you're planning to buy them for. As each design can be done in any color, and designs can also be overlaid it means that there is an almost inexhaustible combination of ail art styles to create.

So let your creative side out to play, look at the great nail stamp plates below and buy your favourite.

Konad Nail Art Stamps, Scrapers and Sets

 To use your nail art stamping plates you'll also need a scraper and a stamper.

Other Nail Art Products

 Nail art pens are also a great way of adding detail to fingernails and jazzing up toenails.

Younger girls will love the complete nail art kits that are around, or how about a nail polish set to get them started.


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