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Used Tanning Beds For Sale

Updated on April 5, 2010

Tanning beds are as popular now as they have ever been.  This is in spite of the fact that they are very controversial pieces of equipment.  In fact, the word sunbed is almost synonymous with skin cancer these days.  The validity of this association is still up in the air but that doesn't change the fact that a lot of people enjoy indoor tanning.  This article is about where one can go if they're interested in purchasing a used tanning bed.  We're not setting out to discuss the pros and cons of tanning here.  The health risks and benefits of indoor tanning has been discussed ad nauseum in other articles.  Kindly seek this info elsewhere if you're interested...

A Very Nice Used Tanning Bed
A Very Nice Used Tanning Bed

Used tanning beds are basically purchased by two different groups of people. The first group is interested in these items because they're looking to open up their own tanning salon. Opening up a tanning salon can be quite expensive. Because of this, owners will often try and cut costs by purchasing used sunbeds instead of new ones. The second group of people looking at these units are homeowners who want a sunbed of their own. Usually people in this group find that they are spending enough money at tanning salons to justify getting themselves a home sunbed. New beds are super expensive, though, so folks in this group will often opt for a used unit.

Three Places To Buy Used Tanning Beds

Buying a used tanning bed can be a pretty stressful experience. This is due to the fact that many men and women looking into these products don't really know what to expect. How much should they cost? How old is too old? What brands are reputable? If these questions sound familiar to you, don't worry. All the answers you need are available. It's just a matter of doing a lot of researching BEFORE you start searching for those used tanning beds for sale. Start this research on the Internet. There are a ton of great articles online, outlining everything you need to know about commercial sun tanning beds. There are also several healthy forums on the web that deal with home tanning beds. Do yourself a favor and get some reading done!

OK... So now you know what you want and how much you should be paying. Here are three great places to find used tanning beds for sale...

Used Tanning Bed Websites

There are a handful of websites on the Internet that deal in used sunbeds. These guys basically act as a kind of consignment store. Often times they don't stock anything themselves. They simply connect buyers and sellers of tanning equipment for a small fee. It can be quite scary buying from websites like this. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you're getting when you deal with these websites. If possible, contact the actual seller of the equipment to ask the necessary questions. Any reputable tanning website will gladly provide a potential customer this information. If he won't, it's probably best to walk away.

Ebay Or Amazon

These methods allow you to buy directly off of the seller. They don't have as much variety as the websites discussed above, but there is something comforting about buying direct. You also have the ability to investigate a seller's reputation as well. This is particularly true with Ebay. A bad seller score is a clear sign to hit the highway.

One thing you want to do when buying a tanning bed is to inquire about a warranty. New beds are often guaranteed for 5 to 10 years. Ask the seller if any such warranty exists and whether or not it transfers to a second owner. You also want to know a few stats about the bed. How many hours has it been used? Was it for commercial or home use? This is important because commercial beds typically take more abuse than a home tanning bed does.


Tanning salons are opening and closing all the time. Have a look through your local Dex Knows or Yellowpages and you'll see that this is the case. If you're looking for a used tanning sun bed, it's definitely worth sourcing them out directly. Salon owners moving on with their lives will often blow out their inventory for pretty good prices. This is really the best way to buy a tanning bed for several reasons. First off, you get to see the products first hand. How much abuse have they taken? Do they still offer a nice even tan? You also get to speak to the owner face to face. There is something very assuring about doing business the old fashioned way.

Do you have experience buying or selling used tanning beds? Let me know!


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