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Utilitarian Versus Luxury Women’s Scarves and Shawls

Updated on August 25, 2015

A common misconception exists among women thinking of purchasing a new scarf or shawl. Either they seem to believe they can buy one that is practical and durable or one that is luxurious. This ignores a simple fact. A shawl or scarf can be both. It can feel sumptuous, silky and smooth while being practical and versatile.

When you go shopping for a woman’s shawl or scarf, one thing is obvious. They come in a wide range of hues, fashions, designs and sizes. As for fabrics – there are the usual polyester blends and nylon as well as other manmade materials. Other preferred fabrics are natural. They include wool and cotton. These appear to be the most practical options. They are tough and functional and have proven their worth over the centuries in the production of all types of objects. Moreover, unlike manmade material, natural fabrics have the fashionable advantage of being environmentally friendly.

The converse of this is scarves and silks comprised of magnificent, sumptuous fabrics. One of the more common luxury fabrics is silk. Silk is extremely soft, fine and light and, as a result, not often felt to be a practical fabric. In reality, silk is amazingly utilitarian. It can keep its user warm in winter and cool in the summer. As a result, silk is truly a year-round fabric choice. Moreover, silk is easy to take care of. You simply wash it in soap and water then lay it out to dry – which it will do quickly.

While attractive scarves and shawls may be made of wool or other strictly utilitarian material, there is no way these products can match the sheer beauty and volume of silk. This applies particularly to hand (and not mass) produced silk with hand-painted and hand-dyed patterns. These unique products clearly outshine the competition – even that provided by designer silk scarves. Everything about silk scarves places them ahead of their competitors. From how the fabric drapes across the body to the uniqueness of the patterns to the variety of fashionable uses, sets silk scarves and shawls apart, making them the superior and obvious choice.

A woolen scarf, for example, is great and practical for a country walk. It is not applicable for an after-hours party or a fashionable theatre date. A silk scarf, on the other hand, fits in everywhere. No matter if you team it with a pair of plain blue jeans or a designer evening gown – silk looks and feels great.

So it is clear – the most logical and practical choice for women’s scarves and shawls is not always the most obvious one. This may be one of the only times when everything can be yours – fashion, style, opulence, quality, sensibleness and affordability.

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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      They are so beautiful and I wish I had the money but I am on very hard time at the moment.