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VITATANZ Organic Spray On Tan Review

Updated on April 26, 2012

VITATANZ Before and After

VITATANZ Spray On Organic Tan
VITATANZ Spray On Organic Tan
Before VITATANZ, natural lighting (ignore the shiny red post-workout face)
Before VITATANZ, natural lighting (ignore the shiny red post-workout face)
Before VITATANZ, bathroom lighting
Before VITATANZ, bathroom lighting
Before VITATANZ, natural lighting
Before VITATANZ, natural lighting
After VITATANZ (no color guide), bathroom lighting
After VITATANZ (no color guide), bathroom lighting
After VITATANZ (no color guide), bathroom lighting
After VITATANZ (no color guide), bathroom lighting
After VITATANZ, natural lighting (and awkward arm angle)
After VITATANZ, natural lighting (and awkward arm angle)


Before I dive into the pros, cons, tips, and details of a true VITATANZ Organic Spray On Tan review (available at for $19.95), I'll just outline why this is my new favorite sunless tanner:

  • I didn't feel sticky or dirty while it was on.
  • It smelled really good, like Love's Baby Soft.
  • Very quick-drying (almost too quick!)
  • Natural color.
  • Wearable color guide.
  • Easy application.
  • Didn't rub off on my clothes.
  • Faded so gradually, I didn't even notice I'd turned back into a Twilight extra lookalike. I also had no "lizard skin."
  • Lasted around 7 days.

The Rundown on VITATANZ

The VITATANZ I tried was the organic spray on tan in Golden Glow. They also have a version for spray tanning booths and airbrush machines. The one I tried came in a spray bottle (pump, not aeorsol). It's oil-free and alcohol-free.

And About My Skin

I'm very, very fair. I burn easily and have to work extremely hard to get even a light tan, and that even has to come from months of dedicated visits to the tanning beds. I don't do that anymore. I have neutral-cool undertones and thin, dry skin. Though I'm pale, I'm apparently DHA-resistant because some drugstore sunless tanners marked "light" or even "medium" don't do anything to me; I've been known to use deep dark versions to get color. I also get migraines from certain smells, some sunless tanners included.


With the spray bottle, you get a pair of gloves and a body blending puff. I got lucky when I picked out dark brown rugs for my bathroom because sunless tanning on them was really the last thing on my mind at the time. I was able to stand on one and minimize the temporary damage to my bathroom (I wiped the spray that got on the floor up with a wet cloth and it didn't stain). That was convenient.

Before I got started, I exfoliated my body (use a scrub, not just a loofah and body wash) and applied lotion to my feet, ankles, knees, elbows, and wrists. I always do this, regardless of the sunless tanner I use because it keeps the dry spots from soaking up too much color and making it really obvious that my tan's completely fake. I waited a minute for that to soak in before continuing.

I do recommend wearing the gloves, even if you're going to be using the puff to blend the sunless tanner out. I was a little surprised by the amount of force and how concentrated the spray was. That's not a negative at all; I just want you to know in case you do give it a try that this isn't going to come out in a big puff. And you're going to need to be ready to rub it into the skin (circular motions with the blender)—fast. I thought I'd spritz it on a few times before rubbing it in and it was stressful to get everything blended out before it dried.

My end results were still gorgeous, but my advice: Go slowly. Work your way up in very small sections; don't try to do your whole calf at once, for example. Divide it into more than one section and work your way up (or down, depending on whether you tan from the floor up or the head down). Hold the bottle six to eight inches from your skin.

That color guide is shockingly dark, but when you smooth it over the skin, it gives you a straight-from-the-beach look. That is, if you're lucky enough to be the type who'd actually tan on the beach. It's a light, completely natural, glowing golden brown. More brown than yellow, don't worry. It's so disappointing when tanners claim to be "golden" and they're just that—and after it's all done developing, I look like I have jaundice. VITATANZ gave me brown skin, before and after I showered off the color guide—not orange, not yellow, not red. I'm in love.

Know that there's no avoiding getting some of the spray on the floor, walls, or whatever else is near you when you apply VITATANZ or any other spray on sunless tanner if you don't take precautions. Because of the color guide, you'll be able to see it and wipe it up before it stains, but you can always put down a beach towel, old sheet, or tarp first to avoid the whole issue.

VITATANZ Scent and Development

A lot of sunless tanners smell okay when you put them on, but quickly steer you into territory that makes you want to stay at home until you can shower them off. Even then, some of them have a lingering DHA smell post-shower that just won't come off, especially when you exercise. It can get a little embarrassing. VITATANZ had a light, sweet smell that reminded me of the Love's Baby Soft perfume I wore when I was 13. I only got a hint of that DHA scent after a few hours, and once I showered, the smell was gone. I didn't even notice it again during an intense cardio session. No migraines here. I felt like I was enjoying a perfume, not waiting for my tan to develop.

Because I have dry, sensitive skin, sunless tanning products tend to make me itch. Not all of them do, but most of them will if I don't wash them off within about three hours. The instructions on VITATANZ said to wait at least six hours before showering, so I did. I never itched. I barely noticed the formula on my skin. It was dry to the touch, but didn't "feel" dry, if that makes any sense. It didn't dry my skin out more, but it didn't stay tacky. I think that helped a lot in keeping me from clawing my tan off before it ever had a chance.

The Final Color

As I mentioned above, the final color was a light to medium, natural brown. The color was even. My skin felt soft and moisturized. Looking in the mirror, I felt like I'd been enjoying a very outdoorsy spring so far because of the color of my skin. Though it looked darker indoors, it did not completely disappear in sunlight or make it look as if the tan was sitting on top of my skin (has anyone else had that problem?). VITATANZ Organic Spray On Tan really melded with my skin, so it was never obvious that it was a sunless tanner.

The tan is gone now. I waited until it had completely disappeared to write this review. I didn't even notice it fading away over the course of a week. It was gradual and never scaly. It just lightened the way a natural tan would until there was nothing there anymore.

Tips for Using VITATANZ Spray Tan

Obviously, I love the product. Yes, they sent me a sample. No, I wasn't paid anything for the review. Everything I wrote was truly based on my experience, and it really is my new favorite. That said, there are some things to keep in mind when you're using it (as with all sunless tanning products) that will make the process go much more smoothly than it might if you just crack open the box and start spraying:

  • Cover the floor with a tarp or an old sheet so you don't have to worry about overspray.
  • Wear the gloves. Use the puff. Do one small section at a time.
  • Lotion up those dry spots prior to application and don't wash it off. Do, however, prime your skin well by using a lotion every day for a few days in advance. You don't want your skin to start off dry. It just makes it harder to blend. Just make sure that the only spots with lotion on them on sunless tanning day are the ones I mentioned; lotion all over will just make your tan streaky or non-existent.
  • Don't spray the product directly onto your face. Spray it onto the blending pad and then apply it.
  • Wear dark clothing while sporting the color guide. I didn't have any issues, but it's better to be safe than sorry your favorite dress got ruined.

I think VITATANZ would be good on any skin type or tone. It's dark enough to deliver color to even medium skin tones, but looked natural on my very fair skin. It didn't irritate my dry, sensitive skin, but it wasn't so tacky that it would drive someone with oilier skin crazy as it developed.


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    • carlajbehr profile image

      Carla J Behr 5 years ago from NW PA

      Pretty impressive tan for one application. My daughters have been spray tanning in the basement. I'll have to share the name of the product with them. Interesting and great to see instant results.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Great description and very good advice. Thanks.....I wills be purchasing this product for a try! My wife is already testing her friends too!

    • anusujith profile image

      Anoop Aravind A 6 years ago from Nilambur, Kerala, India

      Good Product...

      Extremely useful...