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Vacheron Constantin Malte Review Swiss Luxury Watches

Updated on January 7, 2015

Malte Complications

Vacheron Constantin Malte brings together the watchmaker's principles into one harmonious and powerful collection. Style, profile design and movement complications are all balanced in order to create solid and effective watches that can be identified as sporty, classy, dressy and even casual, depending on the model.

Balance here doesn't mean compromise. On the contrary, what distinguishes Malte is how the company pushes nearly every aspect of watchmaking to the apex of performance and execution, eschewing overloading the watches.

Here Vacheron Constantin deploy all their resources -- aesthetic and engineering -- to producing a consummate collections of high-end luxury Swiss watches.

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Round and Rectangular

As befits a versatile department, Malte is available in more than one shape, timers being made for men and women, and in various sizes. The perfect circle (that in a way continues the Patrimony tradition) is joined by an elegant, rather masculine, rectangular-shaped tonneau.

Malte can be identified immediately by three distinct features: an additional bulge on the lugs, which imparts the timepieces a privileged, aristocratic image, sword-shaped hands that reinforce the overall effect of power, and the crown bearing the Maltese Cross, Vacheron Constantin official logo.

Many models feature diamonds as a matter of fact, almost functional addition. Some ladies watches, in order to reach a jewelry status, were covered entirely (literally, “paved”) with diamonds.

A Showcase of Complications

Let's examine some of the complications. The most unique, no doubt, is the dual time regulator. This timepiece features separate hour and minutes hands, a dedicated subdial being added for the latter. The rationale behind this complication is to reduce friction, and thus to increase overall accuracy. While at the first glance something seems to be missing in this watch, the illusion soon fades, as the disposition of the minutes hand allows for instant time reading after some visual habit readjustment.

The dual time regulator hardly looks like a watch – it resembles a precision instrument, which, in fact, it is. Other complications include the tourbillon models, the openworked models (which have more collectible than practical value), the minute repeater, power reserve, perpetual calendar, chronograph, chronometer (the Royal Eagle line), and more. Malte includes every complication Vacheron Constantin ever concieved, becoming a showcase for the Swiss watchmaker's achievements.

The Ultimate Collection

Malte is first and foremost a conception: it achieves a transcendent status of a collection where each timepiece becomes a part of something bigger than itself. For that reason, it can be viewed as a family watch, suitable for individuals who strongly identify with a tight group of relatives, or a club of some sort.

It's closest competitor and rival must be Blancpain Le Brassus -- another high-end collection that relishes complication and horology for its own sake.


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