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Vampire Costume Ideas.

Updated on October 17, 2015

The vampire inspires many great costume ideas with their perfect combination of sexuality and danger. The specific character that inspires people may vary, but the vampire is an archetypal costume that always impresses at a party. Whether you go with the disgusting monster, the suave Dracula, or one of the more modern pop culture variations vampires are also instantly recognizable and popular with a wide variety of people.

Twilight Costumes


There is no official Edward costume, but you can out something together yourself with a few basic pieces and a little research.

The cornerstone of an Edward costume is an inexpensive "Love at First Bite" wig from the California Collection--unless you happen to come naturally equipped with the right 'do.

From there it comes down to some talcum power to reproduce the pallid skin tone, and sunglasses can help combat any lack of resemblance around the eyes.

For clothing, the best option is to pick a specific outfit from the movie and match it as closely as possible. The gray jacket is probably one of the most distinctive pieces and anything in that shade with a wide lapel with produce a similar effect.

If you are detail oriented you can acquire some replica jewelry, such as Edward's ring. The Twilight franchise runs to a line of replicas of these accessories.


In my opinion the only thing that will really make a Bella costume instantly recognisable is if you bring your own Edward. if you can't find a cooperate guy to fill the role, a life-size movie cut out is a good substitute.


Alternatively, you could just go dressed as the book.


For a traditionalist or older male, Dracula is a classic costume choice.

The cornerstone of a Dracula costume is the necklace used in the most famous theatrical costume. Without that you have a generic old vampire costume, not a Dracula costume.

The best complete Dracula costume is produced by Rubies. It includes a combined vest-shirt, necklace and cape. Any basic black pants, socks and shoes will complete the look.


If you want to go for the full out monster effect you can't go past Nosferatu. The thing you have to nail with this costume is (if required) the bald cap, and the ears. After that it is just a lot of white make-up (clown paint) and a long coat.

The ears are best made by getting elf ears and cutting a slightly ragged edge using movie stills as a guide, then painting white.


There are also some off-the-peg Nosferatu costumes:


Buffy is a particularly easy costume, although not as topical now the series has come to an end. Boot-cut jeans, a leather blazer and a Sunnydale High School T-shirt (to be found at Amazon and many other online retailers) are generally more than enough. Add to this a whittled stake and a long blonde wig should you not happen to have that hairstyle yourself.

Generic Vampire

The public are very familiar with the idea of vampires. So as long as you have a convincing set of fake fans, feel free to make up a vampire character of your very own. People will still get the idea. The most obvious option is to go full gothic.

But these days mix-and-match costumes are very popular where you mash uo a vampire with another character. So there is no reason why your vampire couldn't be a hippy, a tennis player, a nurse, or just about anything.

Vampire Bats

For a different look you can go for some version of a vampire bat, like this Jack Nicholson-esque bat mask.

Some More "Unusual" Options

Children's Costumes

There is something extra-cute about dressing up a kid as a monster. Here are a few of my favorites:

Extra Touches

You can take your vampire outfits that extra steo with a theatrical kit to give that "freshly staked" look.

Or, the the other end of the undead lifestyle, you can get soon latex and paint kits for the freshly bitten look.  there are a lot of options here but getting a kit with thin latex and good glue ot crucial for a realistic look.  I would recommend the slightly more expensice EZFX kit.


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