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Van Bommel Shoes

Updated on October 10, 2010

Dutch Design Shoes

Coming from Holland there are somethings I want to tell about Dutch Design. One of them is the family business van Bommel. The family van Bommel is definitly breaking the record when your talking about design that is popular for a very long time.

Van Bommel

Since the year 1734 there seems to be a Van Bommel working in the shoe business. Shoes with big white buckles where popular in the 18e century. Time changed and now the shoes are more contemporary, nevertheless one thing hasn't changed.
Till today the shoes are made with a lot of skills, fine calfskin, by hand and live a long life.

Through the year the business turned bigger and one familymember followed the other to keep the company in the family. In the 60's the had trouble surviving because the Italian shoes where coming to Holland and took a big peace of the shoe pie.

At that time Frans van Bommel was at the top, he had a great business instict pushed the business throught their difficult times. In the 70's and 80's he found out marketing was very important and came with a campagne that really turned the business around.

A new Brand

Frans thought of the fact that the classic, timeless shoes wheren't enough, so he invented a brand for the younger people. He named is Floris van Bommel after his middle son. Floris also posed for the advertising campagne. The campagne was very bold, because Floris was but naked with just a pair of Floris van Bommel shoe in front of his crotch. I'm sorry but I couldn't find a picture off it.

After time all the sons of Frans went in the business and business went good. For decades the best selling shoe was The Brogue; a classic shoe with laces, very popular with young students. The Floris van Bommel brand still made hip, daring shoes. It has sneakers in bright colours like green and yellow.

You see the sneakers a lot in Holland and it is still a company in the hands of the van Bommel family. It's still Dutch Design.


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