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Vanity Fair Illuminations Full Brief Panty

Updated on April 19, 2010

These Vanity Fair panties are sure to be a hit with men who love lingerie. Why do I say that? Well, feast your eyes gentlemen, and discover the (admitted initially dull looking) loveliness for yourselves. A lovely long high rise panty (which rises to the belly button on a lady, but which on a man merely provides adequate coverage for all that the good lord gave him), these Illumination fashion panties look like panties designed with the male wearer in mind.

Call them granny panties if you will, (and you may be tempted to, once you see the full back coverage,) these are sure to feel amazing when you slip them on. They're also made in brown, which is sort of an advanced beige, but I'll let that slide, because at least it is somewhat original in the world of lingerie. If you insist on buying them in more boring colors, you can also purchase these panties in white, and in what Vanity Fair calls 'Damask Neutral' and which I call 'Beige'. No beige slips past mine eyes!

The thick lace trim at the waist is reminiscent of Olga panties, and much like Olga panties, which are known for their smooth fit and feel, the 95% nylon, 5% spandex of these Vanity Fair panties is sure to delight and amaze for many months and years to come. Just make sure that you either hand wash them or purchase a lingerie bag to put them in when they go in the washing machine. There's no point spending good money on fine panties just to have them shredded by the violent machinations of your washer, is there? Customer reviews reveal that the lace will, I repeat, will 'unravel in the wash', so for the love of all the lingerie gods, heed my words about the lingerie wash bag, otherwise known as a delicates bag.

Women love these panties for the pretty lace and the comfortable fit, which smooths out the figure and reduces rates of VPL, or visible panty line. For a man who wears women's lingerie, VPL can be a terrible bane, so even if you weren't originally a fan of this full brief style, you might want to try it out in order to gain additional stealth points when you are wearing your lingerie out and about in public.

Whilst they might not be the prettiest panties on the block, they have hidden advantages that can only be experienced when worn. Give granny panties a chance, guys and you'll find out just why women love them so very much.


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    • profile image

      phil aka phyliss 

      8 years ago

      vanity fair full briefs have been and continue to be my favorite. i have worn them for many years 24/7. ever since purloining my very first pair off a clothesline in the 50's

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      These panties are absolutely great. Vanity Fair panties always seem to fit the male body just right. I especially like the lace trim at the waist, since I tend to let my panties show just a little whenever I can. I agree with you Hope, I can not stand beige panties. Give me some color or prints in my panties. I might try the brown if it like dark chocolate.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have discovered that Olga and Bali do in many cases fit more comfortably. I used to shun them. No more!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Since the good lord didn't gift me with a lot to cover, I'll give these panties a pass. Now, I do have a zillion pair of VF hipsters and hicuts which are among my favorites. Good, solid go to the doctor panties (especially in white or black and without lace).


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