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Various Modes of Women's Dresses

Updated on April 19, 2017
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth has been a member of HubPages for five years. He is retired from a 23-year career in the weekly newspaper business.

Fair women in literature and poetry.
Fair women in literature and poetry. | Source


To many, a woman is either seen in three degrees: Kinda pretty, Somewhat pretty and Man, what a doll. So with that, I assume that the "what a doll" represents a woman being so pretty she holds the number one slot. Or so it seems.

For a long time I have poked, prodded, and dealt myself a lot of mental misery all on the account of a double-fold question: Is it the woman who is pretty or the dress she is wearing that makes her pretty? I cannot answer this in an intelligent way. To me, God made all females wonderful and oh so very pretty. Us guys just have to slow down a bit, and do some studying about a certain woman and then will we (guys) only be able to see the real beauty that she possesses.

Now. Does the woman look pretty or is it the dress?
Now. Does the woman look pretty or is it the dress? | Source

Without any Tough Lecturing

a man can be made to appear instantly pretty by the flashy clothing that she is wearing and add how flirty she is, and you have yourself a man who is smitten by the flashy-dressed woman with a flirty disposition. But if this woman and man continue to nurture their relationship, it will not take long for either one to see their faults that their attraction had blinded momentarily.

Then it's a snip, snap, and bickerfest and before long, this couple has a need to seek greener pastures and then the depression and sadness (first cousins) join them in their tear jerking and moaning with sleepless nights and red eyes in the morning.

I would love to know whether or not it's the woman or dress who is pretty or not? Actually it doesn't matter either way, but if you are like me, I grew to appreciate and respect females and appreciate each one that I got to know because when her guard is down, okay, my guard too is down, both can see the reality of their looks and question if the good notions (including beauty) are real or just a passing fad.

Does our Personality

affect how we treat one another? I would like to think so. And then there are those complex, mysterious events that happen when a guy and girl who obviously dislike themselves for a number of days, but on a certain day or evening, one word, one wink, or one feminine smile is shown to this guy and both fall madly in love. So we can all say this together: Go figure.

Does her Dress Evolve From Prettier

or just bland as the years and fashion go by? Now I've done it. I have taken off a huge bite of controversy and do not know how to get this settled. I really think that I will show you how a few random female models are shown wearing their prettiest dresses and gauge for yourself all about . . .Various Modes of Women's Dresses.

Here are a few Photos and Text that I can add to the photo and see how Your Opinion of if the Girl or Dress is Pretty or Both?

Evelina Chiang  in hot dress.
Evelina Chiang in hot dress. | Source

This Lovely Girl

is in no way a porno model. Men, don't be too quick to judge. Yes, the pretty girl is wearing an expensive, pretty dress and although she is posing in such a rather alluring way, are we men really do form a sure judgment that the girl is really pretty? Come on. Be honest. Think about it. If this pretty girl were wearing a pair of Liberty overalls working on a rural cattle farm, do you think that she would still be pretty?

It's all about perception. We men are driven and instantly affected by our sight. If we are looking at a very pretty girl (such as this one) our eyes tell us that this model should win a beauty award. These are all legitimate questions.

The  Ultimate Dress.
The Ultimate Dress. | Source

At First Glance

we guys stare and say "wow" when a beauty like this strolls by. Just look at her closely. Do you see her make-up appearing overdone? Is her hair all frazzled and looking like a haystack where two angry bulldogs have been fighting? Certainly not. This girl is very decently dressed in her pretty white dress that is not anywhere below the knee. Even the color of her dress is attractive.

So would think now is this woman automatically pretty, or would you like to get to know her before you know all about her before you give us an opinion? (This is not easy, right guys)?

Womens Home Journal.
Womens Home Journal. | Source

Why is This Woman Looking

away from the camera? Okay. Just kidding. I know that she was told by the catalogue photographer to look away from the lens. But I notice that you guys did not get an instant reading on a "man, what a doll she is," when you first noticed her. Why?

Did her dress, make-up, hairstyle or pose seem to appear border-line steamy? I am a man and that never occurred to me. Actually, if you want my opinion, I would have to say that this model is very shy, demure, and very conservative with a very pretty glint of a smile. How did you fare?

Vintage pin-up girl.
Vintage pin-up girl. | Source

Prior to 2017

this girl was considered a desirable pin-up girl. I know you are laughing by now, but this is a fact. I suppose it was the girl crossing her pretty legs for the photo that caused men to think of her as a pin-up model? Right? What if in reality she was a traveling Bible salesperson? Did you notice in any way, any glimpse of flesh that the girl was exposing? No. So you instantly gave the model as the vote of being a hot, desirable girl posing for a pin-up girl.

Men, how wrong can you be? You never showed any crumb of evidence. Neither did you prove any fact that this girl was of loose morals in any way, but turn the tables and show the girl (if I could) in a scantily-clad short dress wearing high heels with a ton of make-up and your opinion also instantly changed.

Stylish and flirty.
Stylish and flirty. | Source

Did you Know That

this girl to the right is the same model seen second from the top with the caption, "Ultimate Dress." Did you guys know that? Me? I instantly noticed her eyes, hair, and lips. That was my first image of the pretty girl.

Then as I slowly went down toward her feet, I noticed that the dresses of this area were not a bit flirty, but respectful even though there is this small slit in the first of her pretty black dress. Aside from the dress, make-up, hat, shoes and overall appearance, she looks very pretty.

I also wanted to add this side note as to the color and style of her purse. Did you guys notice how pretty the dress matched the purse? You had to notice. I mean, we are all guys with primal intents, but all of you guys did not freeze into looking how pretty she looked did you?

Typical housewife in 1950s
Typical housewife in 1950s | Source

Now the Various Style Changes for Women's Dresses

are changing. Just take a close inspection of this 1950s housewife which is not a slam on women who have made a choice in working at home or having a career. If you guys will take a good look you will look the woman's broom, apron, nice hairstyle and shoes, and dress. That is right. A dress.

Only Donna Reed "Donna Stone" of The Donna Reed Show wore dresses, pearls, high heels and ran a household all without wearing slacks, jeans, or sneakers. Did you ever know that? I have seen it many times and have all but made a study out of why 1950s housewives looked like Donna Reed when working in the home. Was it a social thing? Or was it a female thing?

I think that society itself did play a big part in causing women's dresses to change in modern style as the years evolved.

Kate Middleton style.
Kate Middleton style. | Source

This Will be Short and Sweet

for this is none other than the next Queen of England, Kate Middleton. She is one of the most beautiful, charming, and wealthy women. She earned it and did not steal one shilling. Middleton is always looking stylish, sheik and in the know no matter how women's dresses change.

But I want to make one point about Kate Middleton. You guys and girls can form your own opinion, I said in the early going that a woman can be pretty without having to wear a pretty dress, well, in Kate's case, I would not want to meet Kate Middleton. No, I am not insane. I would not be comfortable in meeting Princess Kate. I didn't say in any way that she was not the fashion plate or glamorous gal that is seen on almost every magazine cover in the world.

What I am saying is that I have viewed a few of her news stories and documentaries and I have to say that Kate Middleton makes me nervous and unsettled for she gives off a vibe of being on a higher level of mankind than I do. She even smells like she is important. None of us can dare say that she is our equal for she is not.

And I do not think that she is all that pretty.

1950s glamour girl and pin-up  Betty Brosmer
1950s glamour girl and pin-up Betty Brosmer | Source

Men, Take Yourself a Good Look

at this blond woman and tell me your instant response. Pretty, right? Okay. I will give you pretty, but not oh, how hot she is. No, I cannot do that. But I have to respect her fashion choice is not having to spray on her clothing to be shot by a photographer. Her skirt although tight, is also seen below the knee and that is very decent and respectful.

Her hair, make-up, shoes and lips are pretty and I would not be uneasy to sit and have a bite of lunch and maybe a cup of coffee. Compared to Kate Middleton (in above photo) this blond beauty is pretty enough for any guy to be friends and not be tempted by any dark desires.

I know that I have been somewhat honest, but I had rather be this way than to paint a picture of pure lies and deception.

Christina in cool dress.
Christina in cool dress. | Source

Ladies and Gentlemen, This Girl is The Winning Pose

in my hub about various changes in women's dresses during the years. I have looked very hard at this model and I have to be honest with you. She did not wear that much make-up. Not did she have any seductive dress, shoes, or hairstyle. This pretty woman to me is certainly worthy to be the title of: "Wow, what a doll," she is in the photo.

Even her smile gives me a vibe of total feminine confidence and having herself all together. Again, to me, she doesn't have to work hard at looking very pretty. She just wakes up each day and, okay with a little honesty, she prepares her hair, make-up, and chooses the right clothes, and suddenly she is very pretty.

Men, what do you think?

I have really enjoyed this challenge of studying with the various ways that women's dresses have changed.

Thank you, wonderful followers

and good night, Haleyville, Alabama, "Home of The 9-1-1."

© 2017 Kenneth Avery


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      18 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dearest Sakina :)

      Thank you so much for your kind remarks.

      Believe me, you are Very Appreciated by this hubber

      and friend.

      God bless you and write anytime.

    • SakinaNasir53 profile image

      Sakina Nasir 

      18 months ago from Kuwait

      Wow! This hub is really stylish and beautiful I must say. I enjoyed reading this piece and all the women are so pretty. :) You really did study a lot about this, your research and honesty shows in your hub. Keep writing and God bless you, sweet friend.

    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      18 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama


      You, my friend, are one very warm, sensitive and honest writer. Thanks so much for putting my thoughts into perspective.

      I understand your grandma and the plowing and other styles in the home--all in all your grandmother was THE perfect lady.

      Write me anytime.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      19 months ago from Beautiful South

      OK, so now you’ve become a women’s fashion commentator. I found some of your comments to be charming, and some that only a man would appreciate LOL. On the Donna Reed question, “was it a social thing? Or was it a female thing?” Having been a child in those days, I can tell you that it was a social thing. I don’t think my grandmother owned a pair of pants or jeans. I’ve seen her in a cotton dress plowing behind the old mule. My mother always wore dresses. She had “Sunday” dresses and “house” dresses, but she didn’t do her housework in pearls. It wasn’t until her older years that she said to heck with it and wore mostly pants, even to church.

      I think all the ladies in those photos are pretty, especially Princess Kate. I think maybe the reason she makes you uncomfortable is because SHE is uncomfortable with her role as Princess Kate. Perhaps she envies the freedom of sister Pippa and wonders what she got herself into. Great photos and some neat comments, my friend.

    • Debangee Mandal profile image


      19 months ago from India

      A very stylish hub indeed! Styles depicted according to character and workplace. Very beautifully written. Loved the pictures too.


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