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Various Types of Mens Wear

Updated on August 17, 2013

Various Types of Mens Wear and Unique Shirts

There are large varieties of options when it comes to dress shirt. A men’s dress shirt can be defined as a vital form of apparel that comprises of a collar and also full length opening on the front. The opening is from the collar to the hem and this clothing comprises of long sleeves and cuffs. The opening at the front is fastened with buttons or studs and the cuffs can be closed with colorful links for the cuffs or by buttons as well. Mens Wear is of different types, sizes, shapes and designs and the price range varies accordingly. There are different important manufacturers who have their own official websites where they offer quality products at great discount ranges.

The shirts are mainly used as formal wear for men that are generally accompanied with a tie and matching color jacket. Moreover, there are other instances, when one can wear this shirt without the help of other additional accessories. Sometimes, dress shirts are also known as button down shirts as the front buttons can open down to a great length, revealing a certain portion of the chest.

Different types of fibers which are used for manufacturing optimum quality cloth:
The dress shirts are mainly made out of woven cloth and the materials which are used for manufacturing these products are cotton, linen, silk, ramie or even wool. It generally depends on the weather condition of a certain area and also the choice of every individual. However, nowadays, artificial fibers are also used for manufacturing premium quality Mens Wear. This includes polyester blends which are quite comfortable and at the same time, cost effective. The linen apparels are light but at the same time, are heavily wrinkled. Those which are made out of cotton are always worn during summer conditions and the silk materials are worn occasionally.

Different forms of weaving methods:
The yarns which are obtained from the above mentioned materials are woven into various patterns and some of those are poplin, broadcloth, twill and also Oxford weaves. For manufacturing casual apparel, oxford weaving is the best option to go for. On the other hand, royal Oxford weaves are widely used for making both causal and formal outfits for men.

Color, style and pattern of Mens Wear:
It is also quite significant to check out the latest color, pattern and style of the men’s wear. During Edwardian period, the color of the shirts was mainly white but now people love to experiment with more style and color. Now, one can check out some vibrant colorful shirts which are also available in various patterns. Apparels are also worn depending on the occasion and the style which you want to flaunt.

Mens Wear can be divided into two major divisions and those are western wear and eastern wear. Jeans, shirts, jackets and more can be categorized under the western wear segment and traditional Punjabi's and kurtas, are typically known eastern wear. One can opt for reliable online stores in order to get quality products at lucrative ranges.


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