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Vegan? What Kind Of Shoes Do You Need To Buy?

Updated on November 26, 2016

High Heel Shoes!

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Vegan Food & Vegan Clothing

Are you a vegan? Perhaps you have recently ‘converted’, or alternatively it may be that your partner or spouse is vegan. If so, then you are probably already familiar with all the difficulties and pleasures of cooking vegan dishes and sourcing vegan ingredients. But what about the problem of vegan apparel?

If you’re anything like me, this issue wasn’t something that immediately occurred to you when you decided to become a vegan. (To clarify, I’m not currently a practising vegan, but was so for a couple of years, and may be again in the future.) It's only after you've been living the vegan lifestyle for a little while that the penny starts to drop. (At least, unless you're a brighter spark or more informed than I was!) Perhaps you go out to buy a pair of shoes, and only after you've tried on a couple do you notice the leather-mark on the innersole. (Or maybe you get them home and then it occurs to you!) Maybe you have a suede coat that you're just not comfortable wearing any more – and yet you really loved that coat!

Where Can I Buy Vegan Shoes?

So what are you going to do when it comes to all the non-food items that aren't vegan friendly? You need alternatives: so where are you going to get them? Not in your regular High Street shoe shop, that's for sure!

Well, when it comes to shoes, at least, the alternatives are out there. I recently visited the vegan shoe emporium Vegetarian Shoes in Brighton, UK, and they really offer a wealth of options when it comes to animal-friendly foot-gear. The shop is to be found on Gardner Street, and is fairly small but impressively well stocked. Both men's and women's shoes are available, ranging in style from sporty and casual to business/professional styles. Really, the range is amazing. (And very beautifully made, too.)

Beautiful Vegan Ladies' Shoes

I was most impressed by the women's 'dressy', nightlife-type shoes, most of which were absolutely beautiful, came in some unusual colours and were of a very high quality. (In fact my other half had to drag me out of there before I made a few impulse purchases. Not a good idea, considering I really didn't need anything and we were there to buy him a pair of work-shoes!) There's nothing 'hair-shirt' or second-best about these shoes: they're just purely stylish and groovy (and ethically pure into the bargain.)

Also eye-catching were several pairs of footwear made out of a 'cork-effect' material. These were very striking and unusual (and also rather tempting!) I thought they couldn't be actually made out of cork as this would surely crack during the course of normal wear and tear: but they were very convincing all the same. But guess what? They're real cork! Vegan friendly Doc Marten's and Doc Marten-style boots were on display up on the high shelves. These were colourful and stylish in their own inimitable way.

How do you get your vegetarian shoe fix if you don't live a handy distance away from Brighton, UK? Well, you can check out their website,, and order some beautiful and stylish vegan shoes via mail-order. What are you waiting for? Get in there and check them out!


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