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Vegan eye drops

Updated on October 29, 2014

Similasan complete eye relief

Cruelty-free Living

The difficult bit about maturing is becoming a more ethical person. When you start reading ingredient labels and researching parent companies and what they are doing with the profits you give them, you awaken to a new reality. Trying to live an ethical, socially conscious, vegan lifestyle in the world we live in is a learning experience to say the least.

When I became vegan, I found myself horrified at the atrocities committed to bring me the most trivial of products. It became apparent that misery and death are the number one ingredient in basically every product Americans buy. To live without killing, you must read labels, find trustworthy companies, and ensure that your dollar is being used to promote a better world, the world you want to live in. Remember, when that dollar leaves your wallet, it lands in another, which has more dollars and belongs to someone with a bigger voice than yours. Be sure they are saying what you want to be said.

Speaking of trivial products, eye drops often contains misery due to the use of animal ingredients and animal testing. Many people use eye drops on a daily basis for dry eyes due to reading strain, dry eye syndrome, staring at tiny screens habitually, etc. If I don't use eye drops, by the end of the day my eyes are dry and I have a head ache because I've had my retinas glued to my ipad all day.

Similasan vegan eye drops

Finding a good vegan, cruelty free eye drop became necessary rather than trivial. Visine tests on animals, and many of the homeopathic, organic, and other types I found either contained animal ingredients or were vegan and cruelty free, but actually irritated my eyes. Finally I found an effective, soothing, vegan, cruelty free eye drop, Similasan.

I have very sensitive eyes and many eye drops sting and make my eyes bloodshot. Similasan eye drops comfort my eyes and hydrate them. I really like the bottle design too. Because I have such sensitive eyes, I have a difficult time applying eye drops. The applicator bottle makes it easy to use these eye drops without wasting them. I also like that I feel hydrated after one drop. With Visine I often had to reapply after just a few minutes because it didn't seem to help.

The only negative thing I could say about these drops is that they want you to discard the open bottle after 30 days. I have used an open bottle for as long as 90 days after opening with no negative effects, but that's my own personal risk and experience. I am not recommending using the product beyond what is listed on the label.

I hope this review helps. I believe that we can only change this world by making the right choice every time and learning from the moments when we fail to do so. Even a trivial purchase of eye drops can mean the suffering and death of a living, feeling being. Choose vegan, choose cruelty free, choose compassion.


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    • profile image

      matt 23 months ago

      this product has silver suplate in it(look at the ingredients), which is a type of metal. So your literally slowly poisoning yourself over time which will affect your brain since your putting right into your eye. Don't believe me, then please take a moment and do the research for yourself on that chemical and it's dangers.

    • profile image

      jeni 2 years ago

      tried this drops after reading this article... they are EXCELLENT.. way better than the other drops that are tested on animals...