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Velvet Blouse

Updated on March 16, 2011

Choosing a Velvet Blouse for You

Finding a velvet blouse that fits you perfect can sometimes be hard to accomplish. You must remember that sometimes the best way to go is to keep it simple and this go's for choosing a blouse as well.

The velvet blouse has become very popular in recent years. It can be worn to formal and informal events. And the great news is that most are priced very reasonably.

When you make a purchase of a velvet blouse you will want it to fit and look good on and be right for the occasion you will be wearing it to. Below we will be discussing the key parts of selecting a velvet blouse that is right for you.

More About The Velvet Blouse

If you have never purchased a velvet blouse before you may want to keep to a neutral color for your first purchase. This way it will match with more of the items that are already in your wardrobe. Neutral colors are green, blue, brown, and cream.

Choosing one of the above classical colors will also ensure that your blouse will not go out of style any time soon. Making it a more valuable investment.

A bolder color velvet blouse like red, orange, or yellow will be harder to match pants to. But if you can find something to match you will really make an impression no matter where you go.

If you are a curvy woman you will want to stick to a more covering velvet blouse. If you are smaller showing a bit more skin in a velvet blouse can look better.

Other than the cut of the blouse pay careful attention to the blouses buttons. Larger buttons are seemingly going out of style, for now it maybe best to stick to blouses with smaller buttons.

If you know the pants that you will be wearing the velvet blouse with, you should wear them to the store and try velvet blouses on with the pants, so you can find what blouse works the best with the pants.

You can purchase a velvet blouse online at sites like or the world's largest auction site eBay.

Velvet Blouse
Velvet Blouse


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