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Top Five Velvet High Heel Shoes

Updated on December 8, 2010

The wonderful softness of velvet with the pretty pranciness of the high heel. Is there a more perfect combination? No there is not. Not anywhere in the whole wide world. Here, for your viewing and browsing pleasure are a collection of velvet high heels that will blow your mind. Blow it right away.

Ralph Lauren Pira Velvet Heel

Aside from its flamboyant greenness. Ralph Lauren informs us that the shoe is 'meticulously crafted' in Italy no less. This shoe really does speak for itself I believe, it makes the velvet entirely classy in a way that you could totally wear to tea parties. Tea parties with the Queen of England even. You could probably wear these shoes to Kate Middleton and William His Kingliness' wedding.

Mary Jane Velvet Pump

Destroy some of the innocent connotations of the Mary Jane by adding velvet to the mix. Red velvet Mary Janes, need I type more? Need you more words to be convinced? I think not. There are actually quite a wide range of velvet Mary Janes out there because the concept is too excellent to be chained to one designer.

Vigoss Mini Bootie

The Mini Bootie brings together velvet and lace to create a beautiful bootie that everyone will love – which means that it will almost certainly boost your self esteem. I like booties like this because they remind me a little bit of horse feet, and the modern world has lost so much of its equestrian touch.

Ed Hardy Nye Velvet Heels

Ed Hardy has rather become synonymous with idiocy, but occasionally the label comes up with something that isn't entirely godawful and these shoes are a great example of that phenomenon. Sure there are sparkles all over it, which you may find offputting, but before you become enraged by the shinies, I must point out that the inside is 'rich satin lining' – does that make up for the fact that the designer emblazoned his own darn name on the outside of your shoes like some overbearing, controlling mother that doesn't know when to stop? No. No it doesn't. Don't buy these shoes. They'll eat your sole – and your soul.

Kate Spade New York Giada

And for a change from the hideously tacky, a pair of shoes from a designer who doesn't feel the need to emblazon their name all over your face every time you buy something from them. These shoes are everything that the shoes above them are not. Nuff said.


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