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Is Versace Bright Crystal Perfume as Crazy as J.Lo's Versace Dress?

Updated on February 20, 2012

Versace fashions are typically racy, alluring and revealing. Just like these Versace fashions, Versace Bright Crystal perfume looks like it belongs on daring red carpet divas. But with a closer look, Bright Crystal reveals that it is not only intensely seductive but also innocently youthful. It's like a fusion of Marilyn Monroe and Barbie, or Megan Fox and Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, or even Madonna and her young daughter Lourdes. Anyway, you get the point! Despite any first impressions, Versace Bright Crystal is basicially a rare mix of sophisticated feminine seduction and charming girly cuteness.

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Versace Bright Crystal confuses and delights perfume-lovers
Versace Bright Crystal confuses and delights perfume-lovers
J.Lo Versace Green Dress
J.Lo Versace Green Dress

The Fashion

Throughout Gianni Versace's reign over the fabulous, extravagant brand that is Versace, the clothes were boundary-pressing and even boundary-breaching. Most people think of J.Lo's MTV dress when they think of Versace fashions. You remember: the flowy sheer green beach wrap? The one that passed for an evening gown? Yea, that one! Well, Gianni's flamboyant creative legacy was upheld and continued once Donatella reined in the company. During this time, body-con was the code word of Versace fashion. For those who don't already know, body-con dresses are slinky outfits which make everyone very conscious of your body's shape. Now imagine those outfits in neon lights, with over-the-top flares and with anything else that could be deemed perfect for clubbing night wear.

But let's face it, there isn't much to Versace fashion that makes it ultimately jaw-dropping or show-stopping. J.Lo's navel was just about as racy as it got. And in the world of haute couture and high fashion, there are many things far worse than a little tasteful beach-style body display. There is nothing in Versace's collection that is as over the top as, say, Galliano's collections or as gauchely revealing as the outfits seen on Courtney Love at the 2000 Golden Globes or Rose McGowan at the 1998 MTV Music Awards. To perserve the tasteful appearance of this Hub, I won't post these outfits here. But for a kick, Google them! A case in point, right? Versace fashion may seem crazy, but it's actually rather benign.

The paradox of Versace itself also comes out in its flagship perfume Bright Crystal.

Versace Bright Crystal, an unexpectedly wearable fruity floral perfume
Versace Bright Crystal, an unexpectedly wearable fruity floral perfume

The Perfume Bottle

Versace Bright Crystal's perfume bottle is unabashedly innocent and at the same time a little self-indulgent. The delicate Barbie-pink bottle is topped with an oversize crystalline stopper. The stopper is so huge it looks like it will make the bottle topple over any minute. If there's a little bit of girly-girl inside you and if you can sport a dose of light-hearted humor for a second, this perfume bottle is to die for! The bottle embodies the Versace image: a little bit of girly playfulness and a little bit of seduction. In all truth, the bottle does looks a little excessive, but never quite enough to make it a big bottle faux pas.

High sparkling yuzu notes in Versace Bright Crystal
High sparkling yuzu notes in Versace Bright Crystal
Bright Crystal's full floral notes
Bright Crystal's full floral notes

The Juice

The juice follows along the same lines as the bottle. The sound of a pink fruit-floral perfume might bring to mind the high-pitched, super high energy perfumes like YSL Elle. But Versace Bright Crystal is on the softer, more wearable side of the fruity-floral spectrum. Bright Crystal incluldes the following notes: pomegranate, yuzu, iced accord, magnolia, lotus, peony, vegetal amber, musk, and mahogny. The results: this is a complete crowd pleaser. The light icy pomegranate and yuzu notes fade into a floral tone. Then later, magnolias and peonies stand out to make this perfume earthy and full. Versace Bright Crystal is a designer perfume that's wearable, well-priced, and it's not as wacky as many would expect it to be for a Versace perfume.

Iced fruity accord cools and dampens this intense fruit floral
Iced fruity accord cools and dampens this intense fruit floral
Funky Versace fashions are ultimately cute and wearable
Funky Versace fashions are ultimately cute and wearable

In the realm of design and fashion, Versace tends to be mislabeled as the wild child. Even though some of Versace's past crazy styles still linger in memories. today Versace turns out wearable, fun, flirty clothes for sophisticated women. Versace Bright Crystal seems to be in line with this newfound style sense.

Versace Bright Crystal comes in 1.0 oz bottles and 1.7 oz bottles, and can be found at Perfume Emporium.

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