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Versace Perfume For Women: Reviews and Advice

Updated on October 31, 2015
Versace Perfume for Women
Versace Perfume for Women

Versace Perfume for Women

Do you fancy a nice fragrance but don’t know the perfect perfume that you should use?

Versace perfume is one of the most popular and respected perfume brands in the world. Have you ever used any of their various types of perfumes?

Get to know this wonderful perfume brand so that you can buy it for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one.

In this article I will bring you a list of what I believe to be the best perfumes for women by Versace perfume. These perfumes vary in prices so look for one that best suits your budget.

How to Choose the Best Perfume

Selecting a perfume requires careful consideration. Whether you are buying a scent to wear yourself, or to give as a gift, here are some important tips.

  • Packaging is particularly important when giving perfume as a gift. First impressions are important, so don't wait for the bottle to be opened. Choose a perfume with beautiful, elegant packaging. Versace perfumes have a number of beautiful options.
  • You don't want to be the person who wears an overwhelming perfume. The scent you emanate should be beautiful at all times of the day or night, and in all seasons.
  • When you encounter someone wearing a beautiful perfume that captivates you, ask what brand of perfume they are wearing. (This is how I was first introduced to Versace perfumes for women.)

Yellow Diamond

The Versace Yellow Diamond perfume for women is an excellent perfume from Versace. It is a total luxury fragrance with an unmatched flora scent.

One excellent feature about this perfume is that once you apply the scent it is long-lasting. There are many perfumes that only smell nice for a few minutes and get carried away with the wind, but Yellow Diamond perfume for women from Versace lingers beautifully.

I believe Yellow Diamond perfume is perfect for women with an active, outdoor lifestyle.

You only need to apply once in a day and you will keep on smelling nice. This elegant perfume is friendly to sensitive skin and is not likely to cause allergies, which makes it a perfect gift for anyone you care about.


The Versus Versace perfume is truly a favorite brand of fragrance for women who want to feel different, and like to feel sexy and adorable. Some people describe this perfume as “a woman’s best friend” and I understand why.

The Versus perfume is popular among women of different ages, races and nationality because they all agree on one thing: it is the perfect and unmatched fragrance solution.

An older friend of mine chooses to wear Versus every day. It is a scent that defines her, and reflects her bright, approachable personality.

Created by Donatella Versace this perfume is a must have fragrance for a woman as it will offer her great start to her day once applied. (When I commented to my dear friend how much I enjoy seeing her and how impressed I am by her calm and bright demeanour, she quickly gave credit to Versus!)

This excellent perfume is also a friend of your skin and allergies have not been reported with its use. The choice is yours but my advice is that you shouldn’t miss out on the luxurious scent (and feeling) that comes with this wonderful perfume for women.

Crystal Noir

If you are after a special, distinct and sensual fragrance, this is an excellent perfume from Versace.

Once applied, you will keep on wondering which scent dominates it, and that is a common feature of a top perfume. This perfume has a very delicate fragrance, ideal for those who like to smell nice and stay ahead of the competition.

First created by Antoine Lie, Crystal Noir has been keeping women smelling nice and alluring them for many years. Despite being in use for years, it is still one of the best perfumes for women.

It has a light and sweet feeling, perfect for special occasions.

Pour Femme

This is a truly magnificent and breathtaking perfume for women. Once you have this perfume in your house, rest assured that you will be extremely comfortable and happy with it because it delivers what it promises; excellent scent that doesn’t go away easily.

Every aspect of this perfume has been made in such a way that it complements and gives a big boost to the feminine spirit.

You will love how it is packaged and above all the magnificent fragrance associated with it. It is very refreshing. This perfume can stay with you for a whole day and it isn’t too strong and also not too light.

It looks and feels elegant, and above all is very friendly for the skin.


Not only will you fall in love with the packaging of Vanitas and its outer looks but also unrivalled performance.

Vanitas is a massively popular perfume for women because of its unique scent combinations that keep you wanting more and more. This perfume which is made of the Tahitian Tiare flowers among other ingredients and has a luminously white and intense fragrance.

Available in a number of sizes, Vanitas is proven to be a skin friendly perfume. It has a very unique fragrance and its aroma is breathtaking.

Women and Perfume

I am just one of the many millions who enjoy and appreciate beautiful perfumes for women. Few things stir my senses in the way a woman's scent can.

I cringe at the smell of musk on a hot summer day, and there have been times when I've wondered if a passing woman sprayed herself with vinegar. Of course I'm not cruel enough to ask, but I confess I keep my distance.

Versace perfumes for women catch my attention time after time. I am always quick to ask for reviews and advice about perfumes because I love to give perfume as gifts.

There's nothing better than giving a scent you enjoy to a woman you love! Thanks, Versace.

Which is your favorite?

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