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Vibram Five Fingers Shoes: For the Casual Wearer

Updated on October 1, 2017

Not Just for Athletes!

You've probably seen the odd person on the street wearing a pair of these shoes and wondered "Why would someone wear such weird shoes?" One of the answers to this question is because they are comfortable. The other answers are probably because that person was taking a walk, running, or doing some other kind of physical activity, which the Vibram Five Fingers are ideal for. However, Vibram Five Fingers shoes aren't just for the super athletic. If your moderately active or not very active at all these shoes may still be worth your wile.

These shoes will serve you well for day to day wear as well as for whatever your exercise of choice is be it walking, running, yoga, Hiking, dancing, or various water sports. Vibram Five Fingers are ultra comfortable and you won't regret slipping them on to do your day to day activities, wear them to run your errands, play outside with your kids and to work. They are the perfect all day shoes, that won't leave your "dogs" barking at the end of the day.

The Advantages

If your an extremely active person these shoes will serve you well, but you don't have to be a regular at the gym to benefit from wearing Vibram Five Fingers. Being a full-time Vibram wearer myself I can tell you that it is nice to put these shoes on and not worry about them for the rest of the day. Slip on your Vibrams and go to the bank and then enjoy a run afterwards, without changing shoes. Wear these shoes to work and return home with enough energy to play with your kids. Vibrams don't pinch or rub like your current work shoes probably do.

These shoes may also help tone your feet, Wearing Vibram Five Fingers will exercise muscles in your feet that you haven't used in years. Regular shoes don't allow the muscles in your feet to move the way they were meant to. If you continue to wear your Vibram Five Fingers you may find your old shoes don't fit like they used to. This isn't the main reason why these shoes are so amazing but it's a nice little bonus. They may look odd but if you go try on a pair at your local shoe store you will see for yourself how amazing these shoes feel.

Breaking these shoes in is super easy, the first week or so you may be a slight bit sore but that is normal and will go away rather quickly as your feet become used to flexing those long unused muscles. There is no pinching or uncomfortable rubbing on the toes or the tops of your feet like with breaking in regular shoes. If you experience pinching or rubbing anywhere other than the heel you should go back to the store and get a different size. Heel rubbing is normal and will go away! This is a promise, The first week put a band aid over your heel where the back of the shoe hits it. When your feet get more used to moving freely in these shoes the rubbing will stop, this doesn't take long at all so don't let it discourage you. Most people don't experience and rubbing at all but if you do don't fret! It won't last forever.


The Disadvantages

There aren't many disadvantages to these shoes. If you work in a place that requires steel toed shoes or that has heavy machinery you may not be able to wear these shoes while you work but they will still be amazing for use on your days off. One other disadvantage I've found are other people. You may get a few weird looks and some odd questions. In my experience though many of the people who inquire about my Vibram Five Fingers want to know why I wear them and where I got them from. You'll soon get used to the attention, a lot of the time people don't notice though. If your not interested in getting a lot of attention while wearing these shoes I recommend buying them in black or brown, bright color will draw more attention.


If you have feet you need a pair of these shoes, really, you do. They are the most comfortable and versatile footwear available. Wake up in the morning, enjoy a run, go to work, run errands, and do it all without worrying about changing your shoes. The advantages to these shoes are great and the disadvantages are very few. Vibram Five Finger shoes come in many colors and styles and you will find a pair that suit your needs no matter if your just wearing them for day to day activities or to train for that marathon, these are the shoes for you. I challenge you to go try on a pair and see for yourself!


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