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Sexy Victorian Tattoos

Updated on June 30, 2009

We all know that tattoos are nothing new. They've been around since the dawn of fact we know that tattoos were used back in the neolithic period in the 4th or 5th millenium b.c. But in Europe, tattoos were really established in more mainstream culture in the 18th century when sailors brought the art of Polynesian tatau back to Europe, mispronouncing it tattoo.

I love older tattoos and ancient tattoo designs, especially the more tribal designs, but I also love the Victorian era pictures of women with tattoos. We always associate victorian times with very stiff morals and carefull etiquette.....tattoos, one would think, would be the furthest from their minds. So here are a few very cool old pics of Victorian women and their tattoos. 

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Some of these older images are fantastic, though sadly, the tattoos details are hard to pic out, but there are some familiar motifs; dragons, roses, cupids and hearts. Love the demure pic of the lady in her underwear, doing a small courtsey with a whole body tat underneath


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    • profile image

      Gen 6 years ago

      Um, Betty Boop couldn't have been tatooed on the leg during the Victorian period nor could she have been a favority of Queen Victoria. She was not created until the 1930s by Max Fleischer.

      Please do your research before posting this useless junk next time. I'm pretty disappointed in your 'article.'

    • profile image

      The Stig 6 years ago

      Yep, not a one looks Victorian, except maybe #2, which just doesn't give me enough clear clues to be sure. The rest, going by hairstyles, clothing, and foundation garments, are 1910s-1940s, or possibly very early 1950s. Still very cool pictures, though, and they show off that whole American traditional tattoo style before it was actually traditional...

    • profile image

      Boop oop a doop 6 years ago

      Number 6 has a picture of Betty Boop tattooed on her leg. I hear she was Queen Victoria's favourite cartoon.

    • profile image

      miss_fortune 7 years ago

      most of these pics are def not vic era. lol the pic with the girl with the star in her hair has a date..1912...and vic era is 1837-1901.... others look to be even later.

    • profile image

      Rawarr 7 years ago

      I like these ictures but I doubt they are victorian, probably more like 19-10/20 maybe even the thirties.. :/

      I agree with "Ardythe.."

      Still good pictures though! (:


    • profile image

      Ardythe 8 years ago

      The pictures are quite interesting, but probably not Victorian. The first picture, showing a girl in bra and panties, certainly isn't Victorian as these undergarments were not worn then. Numbers 2-5 may be Victorian but I would guess more likely Edwardian - early 20th century.