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Victoria's Secret Parfums Intimes Review and Lohan Falls Into Cake

Updated on February 21, 2012

Move over generic perfumes and make room for some sexy sensations by yours truly, Victoria's Secret. In past shining moments, Victoria's Secret has taken the lingerie-loving world by storm with boudoir-inspired fragrance series like Dream Angels, Pink, and Very Sexy. Victoria's Secret Parfums Intimes is no exception! Check out how Victoria's Secret Parfums Intimes explores a sophisticated world of luxurious textiles. (And find out why Lindsay Lohan fell into the Victoria's Secret cake!)

Victoria's Secrets Parfums Intimes Collection
Victoria's Secrets Parfums Intimes Collection

Victoria's Secret Dream Angels, a slice of heaven on earth, offered wonderfully wistful scents. Victoria's Secret Pink, inspired by its namesake lingerie line, was pepped up with rosy sorority-style optimism. Victoria's Secret Very Sexy, the darker side of Victoria's Secret, presented glamorous fragrances of sensual seduction. The latest Victoria's Secret line is Parfums Intimes. Inspired by the lush textiles of our girly intimates, Victoria's Secret Parfums Intimes explores the sensations of satin, silk, cashmere, lace and most recently velvet.

At the launch of Parfums Intimes Velvet, Alessandra Ambrosio, the cherubic face of this collection, does her best to pump up the excitement for this line. But she hardly needs to, as Lindsay Lohan leaned over to poke a hole with her hand into a larger than life cake. During a photo op with the perfume model, Lohan, seemingly baffled by the perfume-cum-confection construction, leaned upon the deceptively smooth chocolate fondant surface. Expecting to hit the hard surface of a real-life perfume bottle, Lindsay Lohan was handed the surprise of gooey chocolate. Onlookers witnessed Alessandra Ambrosio giggling away at the confectionary faux pas.

Lindsay Lohan pokes a hole into VS Velvet's perfume cake with her hand as press watches on.
Lindsay Lohan pokes a hole into VS Velvet's perfume cake with her hand as press watches on.

Actress antics aside, Velvet's launch was well received just like the other Parfums Intimes lovelies. But what's not to love about a luscious fragrance filled with amber, blackberries and Turkish rose. In Victoria's Secret Velvet perfume, the soft density of velvet resounds. This warm scent, Velvet, which offers soothing tones, is perfectly suited for chilly seasons.

Victoria's Secret Velvet Perfume
Victoria's Secret Velvet Perfume

The Parfums Intimes fragrances are celebrated for calling upon another sensation, touch. Resonating the feel of luxurious textiles, Parfums Intimes are wonderfully creative fragrances. Victoria's Secret Silk perfume features notes of mandarin, sandalwood, mimosa, honeyed musk and white woods. At once sparkling and warm, this fragrance celebrates the versatility of silk. Victoria's Secret Satin perfume includes notes of May rose, honeysuckle, grapefruit, and mandarin flowers. This floral fragrance reflects the smooth, glossy texture of satin. Victoria's Secret Lace perfume features orange blossoms, osmanthus, grapefruit and watery dewdrops. This fragrance flits back and forth with complexity to resemble the interwoven beauty of lace itself. Lace peaks and falls with citrus notes and warm, expansive floral notes. Victoria's Secret Cashmere perfume includes notes of bourbon vanilla bean, jasmine, cedarwood and powdery heliotropes. This deep jasmine scent is amped up with vanilla and powdered cedar. The overall effect is delicious creamy recreation of cashmere touch.

To experience the intensity of touch in a new way, try a scent from Victoria's Secret Parfums Intimes.


Victoria's Secret perfumes can be found at online discount perfume retailers for extra low prices.

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