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Victoria's Secret Swimwear Collection

Updated on January 23, 2017

New Victoria's Secret swimwear collection 2014 came out and it is now available in the online stores.

Collection of lingerie and swimwear is perhaps the most anticipated each year. Its fans can enjoy chic and seductive lingerie, as well as feminine, sexy and luxurious swimsuits.

Hot Pick

Victoria's Secret 2014 swimwear collection has variety of styles with bright colours, prints, and accessories.

VS collection's trendy colours are steel, black, cyan, turkiz, white, metallic.

The sexiest are of course black swimwear with fringe, crochet, shiny sequins.

Leopard animal prints this year are still relevant, not only brown shade colours, but also blue with purple leopard patterns, as well as combination of leopard with floral prints

Everyone’s favorite floral print and polka dots are in trend too.

The most fashionable swimsuits of 2014 can be called: push-up bra, tankini, bandeau, and high waist panties.


What to buy for the new 2014 swim season?

Win-win look for swimwear is nautical style. Themed prints: white and blue stripes, embroidered, anchors, gold finish or sea colour are again in fashion.

Imitation animal prints, such as zebra, giraffe or leopard are remain in trend. Showing off exotics in swim suit: fruit and original flowers.

Despite the variety of colours offered, designers paid special attention to style and finish. Swimsuit 2014 is a combination of performance, geometry, textures and colours.

Swimsuits with high waist. This style perfectly unerlines a silhouette and visually lengthens legs. Preference can be given to the separate version.

It certainly should be a bandeau!

Panties range from bikinis to deep shorts with high waist. By the way, retro swimsuits are the most important trend of the new season.

Swimsuits of the new season 2014 differ in versatility and attractiveness. You can wear bikini bottom with knitted top or combine oldfashion and sexy. The main thing is to not be afraid to experiment and mix. Create your swimsuit in 2014 and be irresistible.



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