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Hot Fashion Collection from Victoria's Secret Swimwear 2013

Updated on October 10, 2013

Summer vacation, sun..

...And many are thinking of what bikini to wear this season, thankfully, the fashion brand Victoria's Secret is constantly presents us a relevant swimwear for Spring / Summer 2013.

Candice Swanepoel has become the main model of a new collection of swimsuits Victoria's Secret, which included both elite and affordable swimsuits.

Traditionally models with perfect bodies went to the beach to show the world the seductive new items from Victoria's Secret.

As it turned out, this year is particularly fashionable bikini Bandeau, which is a tiny strapless swimsuit.

It’s still relevant to wear on the beach not quite similar top and bottom:

Monokini is also a trend for summer 2013

Sexy Leopard Print

What is interesting - in the trend is a sexy leopard print, which again showed a gorgeous blonde with a perfect figure, though of course the print is only lightly appears on a swimsuit or changes its color to a bright - pink, blue, green.

Black Swimsuits with Floral theme

Although black swimsuits are still in trend, fashion experts recommend not to wear completely black versions that look very bleak, and mix darker shade with more vivid colors and sequins :

Summer Flowers

We can say that this season we have lots of flowers in the swimwear, because the more original and the brighter your swimsuit, the more attractive you will look on the beach:


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 2 years ago

      I like the black suit with the floral print.