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Vintage Denim Will Add Some Flair to Your Wardrobe

Updated on November 26, 2010

Vintage denim is always in fashion. The best thing about a nice pair of vintage Levi's or other jeans is the absolute unique wear pattern and "whiskers" that just can't be duplicated. Modern companies try over and over again with their faded thighs and whitened seats and it comes across more fake than faux. Distressed denim jeans and nicely broken in vintage denim jackets become personalized by the wearer and can be modified or decorated to add even more personality.

Where to buy vintage denim?

Almost every decent sized city will have one or more vintage clothing stores or denim brokers. These venues can be great resources for that perfect pair of classic 70s bellbottoms or flares and things to go with them: cowboy boots, belt buckles, western gear, and even vintage Hawaiian shirts! The pros of vintage shops is that they will normally have a good selection and you can generally try items on for a perfect fit. One con can be the price tag! Vintage denim is expensive and the more decades you travel back for fashion the bigger the dent in your bank account.

Ebay and other online vintage denim retailers can be great resources for affordable vintage denim, but the fit may not be exactly what you want. What good is a cheap pair of hot vintage jeans if they don't fit.

The perfect solution to cost, style and fit: find it yourself!

pair of vintage redline Levi's
pair of vintage redline Levi's

Identifying vintage denim

A fun and practical way to add some style to your wardrobe is to get out and hunt it down yourself. This method, obviously, is not always successful, but the thrill of the hunt can be addictive. You never know what great piece of clothing you may find while you are scouting, too.

Redline Levis, Blue Bell Wrangler, Lee 101J, sanforized, Big E, selvidge, buckleback, single stitch, and donut button are just some of the many terms that used to only be known by the pro scouters. You can quickly and easily learn how to identify many types of vintage Levi jackets and classic Levi jeans in minutes. Other brands are just as easy with just a bit of searching for clues online. There is nothing sweeter than adding that perfect piece to your collection knowing you found it yourself!

Thrift stores, tag sales, boot sales, yard sales, rummage sales, auctions, consignment shops, and flea markets are just some of many places to put your new-found knowledge to the test.

The Future of Vintage Denim

Recommended Reading:

Year after year, vintage blue jeans and denim jackets appear on the runways and city streets of America. Dressed up or dressed down, the simple but iconic blue jeans are forever fashionable. Kick your wardrobe up a notch with a few choice pieces. Impress your friends with the "real deal" and your knowledge of classic denim.


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