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A Man In A Dress Is A Splendid Thing | Victorian Ladies Walking Suit For Men

Updated on May 12, 2010
This charming walking suit is available from
This charming walking suit is available from

Sometimes one wishes to wear feminine attire, but one is caught up in situations which call for a certain amount of decorum and propriety. Funerals, for instance are one sort of occasion, attending the birth of a child is another. Many of my articles deal with the notion of men wearing skirts, however a skirt will not always suffice. On occasion, something more impressive is required. For those occasions, I can only recommend Victorian Ladies Walking Suits.

What is a walking suit? Nowadays that we drive everywhere in our personalized people pods, many of us have forgotten the art of personal perambulation, otherwise known as walking. In Victorian times, ladies and gentlemen would walk together for the mere sake of it, and not because they could only get a park at the far end of the car park. It was not uncommon, in fact, for people to walk for many hours at a time. Though this sort of activity has now become an adventure sport in the modern world, at one time it was simply life. With a well fitting walking suit and a suitably stout umbrella, Victorians were ready for anything. More than one Victorian lady ventured into darkest Africa attired in this fashion. If one is not familiar with the adventures of Mary Kingsley, one should take some time to acquaint oneself with this admirable lady, who thought nothing of clipping crocodiles on the nose when they dared gaze upon her person with famished eyes.

Victorian walking suits ambulate along the fine lines between fashion, female form and modesty. Though one is elegantly covered from neck to toe, there is nevertheless a very fine and distinctive shape formed by the walking suit jacket. In Victorian times, this effect may have been enhanced by corsets and petticoats, however nowadays enlightened society is almost united in the belief that squeezing one's intestines into one's chest cavity is probably not a useful sort of thing to do to one's body.

The walking suit is a sadly missed piece of finery that was cast aside in the modern rush for curly perms and leg warmers, and unfortunately it has never quite regained the glory it deserves. You could make the difference however. You could be the trend setter who restores the glory of propriety and restrained behavior into modern society with its asymmetrical hair cuts and cellphones that play tinny music at blaring volume in public places. And if you should happen to clout a few of those louts who own such devices over their skulls with your umbrella, well, all the better.


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    • profile image

      Cyndie_D 7 years ago

      Lots of fun to read, thanks

    • profile image

      Wendygrrl 7 years ago

      Tis lovely...wear with 4" heel grannie boots...{;o)