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Vintage Nylon Nightgowns

Updated on November 10, 2009

You'd be surprised what good taste our grandparents had when they were young, that's what I always say. Nowadays people just slouch around in denim and hoodies, grunting at one another in modified text speak, unable to truly connect with their fellow man sans cellphone.

Fortunately, you can reclaim some of the glamor of yesteryear by wearing vintage nylon nightgowns. Vintage nylon nightgowns were made with an attention to detail and feminine care that is hard to find in nightwear these days. Nowadays it is all lace and scandalous attire, either that or it is snuggly teddy bear patterns, fine for sleepovers, but lacking the refinement necessary for truly appreciating the boudoir.

Vintage nylon nightgowns can be bought new, or second hand, either way it does not matter much, a nylon nightgown can be washed quite clean and will bring as much joy to its new owner as it did its old owner, perhaps even more.

You may want to take some care when washing vintage nylon, most nylon nightgowns are fairly sturdy, however hand washing and drying them out of the sun will not hurt them at all and may even make them feel even sweeter against your skin.

You will find that most vintage nylon nightgowns are longer than modern nightgowns. Nowadays it is perfectly acceptable for the lady of the house to go gallivanting about the place in a slip of a gown that barely covers her knees, but in the old days such behavior would have been quite scandalous and unacceptable. So be prepared to feel the silky nylon touch of a vintage nylon nightgown wending its way down your whole entire body.

These treasures can be found on popular auction sites such as Ebay, or in local thrift stores. Don't be shy about having a poke around in second hand stores, unless, as a Paris based reader noted, you happen to be in France, in which case second hand goods are apparently valued even more highly than new ones and priced accordingly. Ah the French, with their tall towers, their cheap wine and their disgustingly strong cigarettes. It's a wonder the bodies of French smokers decay at all, so preserved are they in the tar gathered over a lifetime of the habit.

Outside of Europe however, a great many bargains can be found on auction sites and second hand stores. If you Google about the place, you may even find one or two online sites dedicated to selling vintage nylon clothing. Be aware however, that some of these sites may sell their wares at a premium.

A lovely vintage nylon nightgown isn't just a nice piece of nightwear, it's also an impressive catch. Go forth with your lingerie fishing rods and prosper amongst the vintage synthetic fibers!


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    • profile image

      MrDonald 8 years ago

      I was able to pick up a Shadowline Victorian style sleeveless nightgown. Yes indeed, Shadowline made some beautiful gowns that are very pretty without being scandalous.

    • profile image

      TIM 8 years ago

      I also went to shadowline to buy before they went out of business..They make the best and I enjoy sleeping in one every nite

    • profile image

      Dataman 8 years ago

      Such a shame Shadowline went out of Business. I got several before they went away. They last forever and are great sleeping nightgowns