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Vintage Style Necklaces

Updated on October 30, 2012

Authentic vintage jewelry could generally be considered to be so if it is older than 20 years, although styles of the 1930's - 1960's are most popular and largely recognized as vintage. Much hype surrounds vintage jewelry in the fashion world, so there are a lot of modern pieces widely available attempting to imitate vintage style jewelry. This is not a bad thing as it means that you can pick up a replica of the real thing for a fraction of the cost, as authentic vintage jewelry can get pricey.

Vintage style jewelry typically features oval shapes, filigree patterning, diamond & princess cut crystals, pearls, cameos, and gemstones.

Kate Middleton wearing vintage diamond & rubies.
Kate Middleton wearing vintage diamond & rubies.
Kiera Knightly wearing a vintage style necklace.
Kiera Knightly wearing a vintage style necklace.

Vintage style jewelry has become so popular largely due to certain trend setting celebrities who habitually wear it. Among those top trend setting celebrities are Keira Knightly, Kate Middleton, and Dita Von Teese.

Kate Middleton has quickly become a popular trend setter for vintage jewelry as her style is quite unique, standing out, compared to the likes of most other celebs around her age. Kate Middleton's style is always lady like, elegant, dignified, timeless and graceful, as most women would like to be perceived, which is why she has become a fashion icon.

Keira Knightly tends to draw on fashions from the 1920's to 1960's, finding much inspiration from her earlier era movies. Her style is typically lady like and elegant also, but a bit more relaxed than Kate Middleton, often opting for loose fitting, glowing garments.

Dita Von Teese's style is very much defined by classic vintage retro styles and burleque glamour. While Dita Von Teese may be a lesser known celeb, she is originally famous for burlesque dancing, and currently more so for her fashion sense which is built on top of that.

Select a vintage style necklace that is right for you

If you are a bit on the skinny side, and or have a broad or bony collar & shoulders, the bigger the necklace the better. I would suggest you go for something similar to the style that Keira Knightly is wearing in the picture above, the largeness of the necklace will emphasize the beauty of your petiteness, and might also make you look more filled out. If you have a short or thicker neck, avoid chokers and large chunky necklaces, opting for something delicate.


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