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Facebook Virtual Closet: Apple's Social Networking Idea

Updated on August 16, 2017

A Social Networking Virtual Closet: When Will It Be Developed?

With the craze of social networking continuing on and as Christmas is quickly approaching, I want to highlight one of Apple's highly innovative ideas that could revolutionize the retail industry as well as the way people shop for clothing. I originally, discovered Apple's patented "Virtual Closet" when myself and a roommate thought we had discovered the idea for ourselves. However, much to our surprise we discovered the website, and Apple has detailed plans and photos for a Virtual Closet that seems poised to be the newest hit in social networking and shopping. Let's now take a closer look at this "Virtual Closet."

After perusing on patentlyapple, I discovered that it is a website consisting of ideas and inventions created by Apple engineers and inventors that have all been patented so that others cannot develop the same ideas. From the abstract of Apple's patent, Virtual Closet, here is their idea:

This is directed to systems and methods for providing a virtual fashion closet. Fashion items can be added to the Virtual Closet. Outfits may then be created by combining two or more of the fashion items. In some embodiments, the Virtual Closet system can create recommended outfits based on weather, season, or the user's calendar. The Virtual Closet system can allow a vendor to send recommended fashion items that may complete an outfit to a user for potential purchasing. In some embodiments, a social networking Virtual Closet can be provided. The social networking Virtual Closet can allow friends to see each other's Virtual Closets, recommend outfits to one another, recommend fashion items to buy, recommend fashion items to get rid of, recommend outfits to wear at a particular event, share and borrow each other's fashion items, or can otherwise suitably provide a social networking environment through the Virtual Closet.

Apple's Blueprint

I want to highlight the parts that I thought were the most interesting. I especially find the ability of vendors to recommend certain clothing items directly to the users of virtual closet to be very interesting. Additionally, retailers should love this because it will increase their sales. I can also see Virtual Closet becoming integrated very nicely with Facebook through viewing other friends closets and posting what people are wearing to events. As a guy, I find it tedious to look across many different websites to find the perfect shirt or pair of pants. I think I would utilize the feature of multiple vendors recommending clothes to me based on my styles. Then, I could save time by not browsing the web, and I would have a variety of recommendations right at my fingertips.

Apple's patent was actually published in July 2010, so I believe Apple itself or another developer will bring this idea to market in the very near future. Through some research, I have discovered a few other sites that appear to be developing this idea, but no actual Virtual Closet exists currently. The question is whether Apple itself will create the Virtual Closet, and if so what are they waiting for? I want to encourage my fellow hubbers to post comments on what your personal opinion is of Apple's idea.

Will you create something similar to this patent in the near future?

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