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Visual Kei Hairstyles For Men

Updated on September 12, 2011
The Gazette's style.
The Gazette's style.

Characteristics of Visual Kei Styles

Visual Kei is an exciting new rock music genre that has recently been emerging out of Japan. Visual Kei literally means Visual Style when translated into English. The Visual Kei look is as important as the music itself. The genre originally emerged in Japan in the late eighties but did not spread outside of Japan until about 2007. For examples of Visual Kei hairstyles for men, check out the Japanese bands, X Japan, Color, Luna Sea and The Gazette.

The look is flamboyant and very colorful, with elaborate, punky hairstyles, unique clothing and plenty of make up and a large dose of androgyny. Glam rock, punk rock, gothic rock, psychedelia and heavy metal influence the look. Another important influence to the look is the Japanese Anime characters.

All of these hairstyles are very unique and creative, and there are many different styles to try out. Many men are now trying them out, which can take quite a lot of work to get right. One of the great things about this look is that men can experiment with their own styles.

Kazuki red hairstyle.
Kazuki red hairstyle.
Visual Kei styles from popular Japanes band, LM. C.
Visual Kei styles from popular Japanes band, LM. C.

How to Create Visual Kei Hairstyle

It is important that the hair is the right length to begin with. Some people use hair extensions to get the desired length. Layering the hair helps as this produces different lengths of hair. Those with curly hair will need to use a chemical hair straightening product beforehand.

These hairstyles are usually brightly colored, with neon blue, pink, purple and many others. Black with a small amount of color is also popular. Select a color scheme that matches the skin complexion and the desired hairstyle.

Video Tutorial: Creating Reita hairstyle.

Video Tutorial: How to do Japanese visual kei hairstyle.

Spikes Hairstyles

Spikes are often used and they come in different sizes and go in all directions, from standing up straight up to jutting out to the side. Hair-glue and strong hairspray are best used to keep the spikes in place. Spikes can be small and thin or tall and fat, depending on the desired hairstyle. It is also popular to combine long hair with short spikes or just have many small spikes. Sometimes these hairstyles can be combined with the emo style haircuts, where one fringe or bang is falling down over one of the eyes.

To create these spikes, wet the hair a little and pull the hair into a spike in the desired direction. Apply the hair-glue all over the spike and leave it to dry. Be careful with the amount of hair glue used as too much will make them look like they are made of plastic. Once dry, place the spike in the desired direction and spray with the hairspray. Once the hairspray dries the spike should be virtually unmovable.

Reita hairstyle & accessories.
Reita hairstyle & accessories.

The most popular Visual Kei hairstyles for men are the more androgynous ones. Combined with eyeliner, lipstick and effeminate clothing the look is challenging and exciting and is an important part of the music that the bands create. The hairstyle is a part of the overall fashion and the spirit of this particular style is to experiment and try out many different ideas.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Towuhdocn! That's a really cool way of putting it!

    • Jmarket Staff profile image

      Jmarket Staff 

      7 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      Cool tips! It looks really hard to style it, but I'm sure it it worth an effort.


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