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Updated on June 20, 2013


Eyes are very important body parts in making a first impression. The problem of dark circles under eyes is really a matter of worry as they deteriorates the beauty of the face, they make you look unsightly. Dark circles spoil your beauty and make you look tired and aged. So its very essential to take good care of eyes not only for health purpose but beauty purpose too. Your eyes are essential body parts in making a good first impression. The reason for these dark circles are many, like lack of proper sleep, aging, dryness of skin, stress, excessive rubbing of eyes, heredity or due to some infection because of dust. Dark circles around or under eyes very badly affect Your beauty. Therefore its necessary to remove this problem. If you take proper care you can get rid of this problem easily. You can use some simple and easy ways to get rid of this problem.

1. ALMOND OIL : Almond oil is very useful in removing under eye dark circles naturally. Massage almond oil daily around your eyes for around 15 to 20 days. Massage it gently, don't rub hardly. It removes dark circles without causing any side effects.

2. LEMON JUICE : Lemon juice has vitamin C which is a very effective bleaching agent. Therefore lemon juice is very helpful in removing dark circles under eyes. With the help of cotton apply some lemon juice on the area under your eyes, Then wash it off after 10 to 15 minutes with water. Doing this process regular gradually removes dark circles and then removes them completely.

3. ROSE WATER : Rose water one of the good remedies to treat under eyes circles. Rose water is used in many herbal skin care products and has beauty enhancing properties. It helps in removing dark eye circles and dark patches and makes skin glowing and smooth. You can apply rose-water with the help of a cotton on and around your eyes. If you apply it regularly on dark circles, they start getting lighter and then completely disappears.

4.CUCUMBER : You can use cucumber to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. The ingredients contained in the cucumber have lightening properties that soothes the skin and removes darkness. You can keep slices of cucumber on your closed eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. It's a very good way to remove dark circles. You can repeat the process twice daily for better results.

5. TURMERIC : Mix Turmeric powder with pineapple juice and apply it on dark circles. keep it on for 10 to 15 minutes. Turmeric has got antioxidant properties and heals the dark circles effectively. Turmeric is very helpful remedy for under eye treatment.

5. POTATO : Potato is one of the best remedies for removing dark circles under eye. Cut thin slices of potato and keep them on your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes. Doing this process regularly is very helpful in removing blemish or puffiness under your eyes in very easy way. You can also use potato juice for treating dark circles.


1. HEALTHY DIET : Healthy and balanced diet is very important for keeping oneself in good shape. Take food that is rich in green and leafy vegetables, fibers and fruits. Include fruits and vegetables that are rich in beta carotene in your diet as they are really helpful in improving eyesight and keeping your eyes healthy and beautiful. Red berries, tomato, spinach, carrots.

2. TAKE PLENTY OF WATER : Take lots of water as water helps in keeping our body healthy by flushing out harmful waste and toxins out of our body. Water plays a good role in getting rid of dark under eyes circles.

3. DON'T RUB YOUR EYES TOO MUCH : Stop rubbing your eyes as it makes the dark circle worse. Rubbing your eyes may make your eyes look puffy. You can wash your eyes with water to clean them.

4. USE SUNGLASSES : Wear sunglasses when you go out. Sunglasses save your eyes from direct exposure to sunlight and dust.

5. USE SUNSCREEN : Use sunscreen to prevent your eyes from bad effects or direct exposure to sunlight and UV rays found in it.

6. TAKE PROPER SLEEP : Sleep has direct effects on your eyes health. Sleep in necessary for good eye health and removing dark circles. if you don't take proper sleep, your eyes gets puffiness and dark circles occurs.


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