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Updated on June 25, 2016

home remedies for smooth glowing face

Your face is the first thing person will look at you and judge you. Your face impression will tell all about you. In order to keep your face smooth and glowing, you have to make sure you cleanse it well and moisturize it for that smooth and glowing face. Sometimes you just decide to go to a professional to make it for you but agree here with me you can't visit salon each and every day. For that reason, is why sometimes you will do it yourself at home. Personally I always prefer doing it myself then I visit my salon once in a while. I find it more effective and economical when I do it myself and also saves time as well. Am not saying cleansing your face or doing facial in your favorite salon is bad what am trying to put across is that both are effective and you can use any depending on which one is convenient for you. If your face is so sensitive and you have tried all the best professionals in the city and you can't get the best outcome you can try these ones and see if there is any change. As I said I use both because my face is not that sensitive. This is how I do it myself with my home remedy when being unable to go for a facial.
1) Clean my face I use wet wipes to remove my makeup then wash my face with a warm water you can as well use any cleanser which is favorable for your skin. Very important to remove your eye makeup with your make up remove.
2)In order to exfoliate my skin I use my facial scrub I apply the facial scrub all over my face but also I make sure it does not get into my eyes or mouth note that it's for external use only. I leave it for some minutes probably 10 minutes then I massage my face thoroughly until it dries completely. Finally, I rinse my face with lukewarm water. You can as well use sugar and water. Mix 3-4 teaspoonful of sugar with a 3 teaspoonful of water then scrub your face with it.

3) Steam my face There are many ways to steam your face you can use a steamer, you can as well use warm water; pour it in your sink then dip a washcloth inside it then use it to wipe your face repeat the process for three to four times, Now this is what I use; I boil water pour it in a jar then I cover my face with a bathing towel inside that jar of hot water. I stay there for some minutes approximately 5-10 minutes. Doing so it opens the poles in your face and removes dirt in your face. After that, I wipe my face with a face towel.
4) Apply mask You can use a home remedy as I do with a white egg. Crack your egg then pours the white egg in a bowl don’t mix with the York, coat your face with it then wrap it with a tissue paper but don’t cover your nose and eyes, wait for at least 20 – 30 minutes then remove the tissue paper after that rinse your face with warm water . If you have a lemon, you can sequence it to get the liquid then mix it with the white egg for more effective result. Lemon has citrus acid which help to heal acne and clear dead skin. You can use artificial mask as well.
5) Moisturize your face I normally use aloe vera to moisturize my skin. Make sure its 100% aloe vera. It rejuvenates your face and leaves it glowing. Almond oil is also a good moisturizer you can use it as well or if you like you can mix both and then apply it. Have been doing this for a while and I can tell you I have very smooth and very glowing skin, you can try it as well for the smooth glowing skin.

Thanks for reading
Love you


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