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BEAUTI-FULL-BROWS IS THE ONLY SOLUTION!  Lost Your Eyebrows, Don't Worry Beauti-Full-Brows Is The Solution!

Updated on January 13, 2014

There is a solution for when you lose the hair on your eyebrows, no need to fear Beauti-Full-Brows is HERE! All thanks to the creator/inventor Angela Dunlap Harris who suffered from eyebrow loss at an early age, causing her to create an innovative product. Beauti-Full-Brows are temporary tattoo eyebrows that come in many different colors, sizes, and styles available for men, women, and children who also are experiencing the problem due to Alopecia Areata, Alopecia Totalis, Alopecia Universalis, Balding, Eczema, Hair Loss, and other issues that cause a person to lose their eyebrows as well as undergoing Chemotherapy, or Radiation. These brows allow the wearer to have a pair of eyebrows that are aesthetically pleasing. They also provide the wearer with the ability to engage in human communication, and facial expression. Because eyebrows play a key factor in facial expression because they frame the eyes. Beauti-Full-Brows are the new eyewear for people with no eyebrow hair who want a comfortable, easy to apply, good looking brows.

We have many styles to choose from, and are currently working on creating new styles. Customized brows are available upon request.

Petite Miss Beauti-Full-Brows
Petite Miss Beauti-Full-Brows

Eyebrows For Petite Misses

The Petite Miss Beauti-Full-Brows designed with a smaller face in mind! The models are only 1-3/4" in length perfect for young girls or women with little faces. they are very natural looking; showing detailed little hairs and depth. The Brows are perfect for young ladies or mature women with petite faces, and is designed to make you look and feel Beauti-Full in every way. The Petite Miss Beauti-Full-Brows will be available in different colors, styles such as the Abigail and the Zamariah Brows. These Semi-Permanent Tattoo Eyebrows are cosmetic eyewear that make you look & feel great at the same time. Safe for long term use, FDA approved non toxic vegetables dyes, and won't damage new eyebrow hair growth. So if you have bald, thin, or fine eyebrow hair and are waiting for them to grow back this eyebrow cosmetic is perfect for you too.

We Make Our Customers Happy!

Bailey a Beauti-Full-Brows Wearer!  She Loves Her New Eyebrows!
Bailey a Beauti-Full-Brows Wearer! She Loves Her New Eyebrows!

Review from a Customer


Bailey's is a young girl who wears Beauti-Full-Brows and she says that she loves them, they looks so real and they make her feel good. (Bailey's Full Testimony Can Be Viewed On the Website)

Beauti-Full Tees

High quality 100% preshrunk cotton, with a comfortable & cute slightly fitted Gildan 5000 Ladies T-shirt -

We Have Created These Tees To Promote ALOPECIA AWARENESS (AA)!

Acknowledge, Celebrate, Promote, and Support.


Beauti-Full Tee

We have created t-shirts for the Bald Beauti-Full Beauties!
We have created t-shirts for the Bald Beauti-Full Beauties!


The Brow Band™ Is a terrycloth band eyebrow applicator. Using the Brow Band™, which has long Velcro® strips at each end for adjustability, allows you to keep your hands free while you moisten your tattoo eyebrows. One size fits all!

The second is the Deluxe Brow Band™ which is a more plush terrycloth band eyebrow applicator.

We also sell hollywood-style temporary tattoo beauty marks!

The Deluxe Brow Band™

The Deluxe Brow Band™
The Deluxe Brow Band™

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Now you can throw away those ugly, over-priced false eyebrows made of human hair that don't always stick on well, and you can stop buying eyebrow pencils being forced to draw them on.

We offer over 60 different styles of brows that are designed for all types of complexions and face shapes. If you have a medical condition that warrants eyebrow prosthetics; Beauti-Full-Brows Temporary Tattoo Eyebrows maybe covered by your medical insurance. Our advice is to check with your individual insurance carrier.


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