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Updated on May 8, 2011

Women eye glasses are now fashionable and sleek thing that people do in all works of life. A lady will feel like she is not yet complete if she does not wear eyeglasses. Some prefer to put it on their beautiful clothe in the form of a broche while other wear it on their forehead as against the normal place that eyeglasses are meant to be.

Still, others love holding on their hands especially when it is designers eyeglasses like; Gucci eyeglasses, D&G eyeglasses, etc.

There are many reasons why women wear eyeglasses. Some of the reasons include: correction of eye defection, protection of eyes from dust, to cover up for eye problem, for fashion sake, the list can go on and on. The most important thing is that women eyeglasses has finally found its way back into the heart of many people in this our modern time.

Women eyeglasses have won a lot of women men of their choice and even certain contracts and jobs. There is this recruitment consultant that confided in me that she considers those that wear eyeglasses as serious minded people that have aim in life. Her reason is simply based on the fact that people with vision and aim in life read a lot and that could affect their eyes and make them start wearing eyeglasses. I am not here to judge or criticize her but to let you know that she sounded so sure and convincing of what she was saying and got me thinking of it for some time.

Some women wear eyeglasses for medical purpose while others wear it for fashion and trendy purpose. Those that wear it for medical purpose always consult the doctor before buying eyeglasses. They just don’t go the market and start shopping for eyeglasses. In fact, I recommend that whoever that wants to buy eyeglasses should get the counsel of a qualified eye specialist before she or he buys an eyeglass.

One particular benefit I have seen that an eyeglass has is that it can some times be anti fog lenses that the eyeglass is made of. When an eyeglass is made of anti fog lens, it becomes very useful to everyone that works in fogy environment.

Bifocal reading lenses/ eyeglasses had improved reading experience of people of all age.


This is more important now that this generation are beginning to lose interest I reading and learning. The manufacturers of bifocal reading lenses have the reading culture of our society at heart before designing and producing bifocal reading glasses.

Sunglasses are yet another type of eye goggle that people wear these days. Sunglasses are useful when it comes to protecting the eyes from the damaging effects of direct sun rays. You stand the chance of developing sun related eye problems if you fail to wear sunglasses like those sampled here and you constantly work / walk under the sun. Again, sun can make you have sunburn mark on your face if you don’t wear spectacle to protect the down part of your eye.

This is one experience that no woman should ever pray for. My woman spent substantial amount of money trying to remove the sunburn on her face some years back and have since then vowed never to walk under the sun without a sunglass anymore.

Again, face shaping is another factor that makes women to wear eyeglasses. Certain eyeglasses some of which are displayed here help to shape your face. Your face will look narrow if you are the type that has broad face and wish to have narrow face.


The above question is what is readily available on the lips of many working class ladies that are everywhere in our society today. This is primarily due to the fact that they hadn’t time to go for their shopping. These classes of people have long resorted to buying things online. The one big fear that is causing concern for these classes of people is the problem of insecurity of the internet. They are afraid of losing their personal information to scammers.

If you are in this category of people or have a friend, relation, neighbour, or colleague with this kind of problem, simply refer her to amazon to buy her eyeglasses online without the fear of having her identity compromised by one thief in a remote part of the world. In whatsoever you do, always remember that your eyes are your pride as a woman.

To the safety of your eyes!


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    • chinweike profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Glasgow, UK

      drbj, So kind of you to point out this, women are just women and will always value their fashion any day.

      Thanks for the comment.


    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 

      8 years ago from south Florida

      Women today consider eyeglasses as not only a necessity but a desired accessory and many will spend more money than reasonable for designer brand eye and sunglasses.

      Interesting thoughts here, chinweike.


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