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WWJD Sweatshirts and T-shirts

Updated on December 11, 2012

WWJD sweatshirts and T-shirts are in vogue.

Everyone wants to be seen wearing one, and not just Christians.

After all, WWJD stands for "What Would Jesus do?"

It has become a catch-phrase and a vote-grabber for wily politicians, but more importantly, it is a sign of unity among young people.

Used by the Occupy movement in their global fight for economic equality, WWJD sweatshirts and T-shirts are flying off the shelves as their popularity increases exponentially.

And the REALLY nice thing, is that they are affordable.

While designer logos are still highly fashionable and popular, so are WWJD logos on items of clothing, but at a fraction of the price.

This WWJD T-shirt is an XXL size, which is normally 32" x 34", approximately.

Designed for the larger man, this makes the perfect 'baggy t-shirt' for anyone smaller.

It comes in blue, and is made from 100% heavy weight pre-shrunk cotton, so it won;t shrink in the wash.

With double stitching and a durable neck band, this unisex WWJD T-shirt is hard wearing and long-lasting.

Funny WWJD T-shirt with the message "WWJD...for a klondyke bar?". IT also features a drawing of Jesus carrying the Cross so no-one will be in any doubt as to who it refers to.

It is not intended to be offensive, and is just a play on words already in wide use.

It is available in a range of sizes from small through to XXXL.

Made from 100% high quality, pre-shrunk cotton, this natural colored T-shirt is comfortably casual.

Personalized WWJD T shirts
Personalized WWJD T shirts

Amazon stocks a huge collection of WWJD T-shirts in a variety of styles, colors and sizes that are designed for people whose initial begins with the letter 'J'.

This would make a unique gift for someone you know, just click through to Amazon and have a browse around to see if your chosen name is there.

Among the ones I have seen so far are:

Jessica, John, Joel, Jose, Jason, Joshua, Julia, Jordan, Jonathon, Jill, Jesse, Jim, James, Juan, Joseph, Jeter, Jaden, Judas, Jeff, Jeffrey, Jasmine, Jeremy, Justin, and course, Jesus.

I like this T-shirt. While it is says it is ash-grey, it looks white to me!

Simply designed, it is a comfortably casual T-shirt with the logo WWJD? where the question mark is bigger than, but behind the lettering.

Available in all sizes from small through to XXXL, this T-shirt is unisex and would look great on anybody.

It is pre-shrunk and made from 100% high quality cotton.

Amazon 'personalized' WWJS sweatshirts in different styles and colors
Amazon 'personalized' WWJS sweatshirts in different styles and colors

All the WWJD sweatshirts seem to be only available with someone's name beginning with 'J', as under T-shirts, above.

There are a wide range of colors and sizes available.

The styles include sweatshirts with hood, or without. Hoods are also handy if you are going out because you never know when it is going to rain and you need protection.

Some with wide front pockets, or without, but it is certainly a consideration in the winter and in colder climes to have pockets to keep you hands warm when our and about.

Yet other sweatshirts are designed for indoor wear, and are warm and comfortable.


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