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Use a Wall Jewelry Organizer to Organize Your Jewelry

Updated on March 23, 2016

Wall Mount Jewelry Organizer Solutions

A wall jewelry organizer is the answer to your prayers if space is at a premium and your jewelry is threatening to engulf you through its sheer amount.

Jewelry accumulates, you start with a few pairs of earrings, maybe a necklace or two, a bracelet for special occasions etc. A few years down the line those few items have somehow metamorphosized into more pieces than you can possibly keep track of, and keeping them in order becomes a priority.

There are many jewelry organizer products around such as jewelry boxes, necklace stands, jewelry trees etc, and they come in all shapes and sizes. However, what many of them have in common is the need to stand on a surface, and if space is at a premium, standing room is not always available.

This is where a wall jewelry organizer comes into its own.

Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizers

Wall mount jewelry organizers are attached to the wall by various methods. Some can be hung from pre-existing hooks, others come with their own mounting system. The beauty of them is that you can position them exactly where you want.

Having a jewelry organizer on your wall means tangled necklaces can become a thing of the past, and earrings no longer have to suffer the indignity of losing the other half of their pair - they can all be kept neat, tidy, and easy to view and find on your organizer.

Mirror Jewelry Armoire

A mirror jewelry armoire is great if you really want to save space and be multi-functional at the same time. Now, not only is your jewelry easy to organize and find, but you only have to shut the armoire door to see what each piece looks like on.

Other Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer Options

If you cannot find a wall mounted jewelry organizer that you like, there is nothing to stop you from getting creative and making one yourself.

This could range from a simple set up using stick on hooks arranged in an attractive pattern, to something more complicated, or even something you have commissioned.

To keep it at its best jewelry needs to be stored correctly. This means keeping necklaces either in boxes or hanging up so they do not tangle, and keeping earrings in pairs so you are never faced the situation of only being able one half of a favourite pair.

A wall jewelry organizer is the perfect method to both store your jewelry correctly and keep it on display.


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