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Wallets for women – Compact, Sturdy and Stylish

Updated on October 16, 2014

The Stylish wallet

Choose Stylish Wallets

Wallets are perfect accessories that have become an integral part of daily life. Women use them often to carry most of their personal items like mobile phones, keys, cards and cash. Most of them keep it inside their handbags and some who do not wish to carry handbags, prefer to hold them alone. From classic to traditional, modern to innovative, wallets are available in all sorts of designs. They are easy to carry and available in a variety of styles such as:

Bi-fold purses have two-sectioned folds. These can easily slide into your pant pockets and are often called as hipster. Bi-fold is a basic purse that allows you carry credit cards and cash.

Tri-fold purses have three-sectioned folds. Tri-fold wallets are little bulkier than bi-fold ones and have space to carry cash, cards, photos and even checkbooks. Tri-fold purses may have Velcro closure or no closures.

Breast pocket wallets for women are usually called billfolds. They are thinner in size that can fit easily inside pocket of a dress coat or overcoat.

Check book purses as the name suggests, are often used for holding your checkbook, cash and cards. They are larger in size and have snap or a zipper closure. Designed to hold a standard checkbook and unfolded currency.

Money clip wallets for women generally have a shiny metal or brass clip that are helpful in carrying cash. They even have space for holding credit cards, business cards, ID and such.

Shopping Wallets at store

Clutches and Front Pocket Purses

Clutches are available in different designs and as the name suggests, you clutch it in your hand. Clutches are perfect to suit any outfit and can be helpful when you do not want to carry a clunky bag with your embellished dress.

Front pocket purses are usually thinner and sleeker in size to fit in your front pocket perfectly. And, these are generally a great choice for international travel and backpacking.

Travel wallets for women are perfectly designed to be harder to protect your money from thieves while you are out. These are good for holding your travel documents like passports and airline tickets. Look for purses that can keep your valuables close to you or some travel wallets that can keep them less prone to theft.

Stylish Wallets

Wristlet - Prefect for Holdings

Wristlet features a short strap that can be carried in the hand or around the wrist. Wristlets are perfect for holding your keys, credit or debit cards, extra coins, cash and your ID all around your wrist. These are a good choice for night outs, grocery stores, and some wristlets even have space for your phone or iPod.

Wallets - Top Brands

Wallets are usually made of materials like smooth leather, suede, natural fabrics like canvas or synthetic fabrics like canvas, nylon or polyester. With the advent of technology, now you can buy wallets online from e-commerce websites. You can choose from brands like United Colors of Benetton, Hidesign, Adidas, Moksh, Diesel, VANS, Toniq, Samsonite, Butterflies, Baggit, French Connection, Van Heusen, Kara, Lavie, Titan and so on. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Choose from an array of attractive colours, sizes, shapes and buy one that best suits your style.


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