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How to make your hair blonder with household products.

Updated on April 23, 2012

The problem

I have been dying my hair for many years, many colours at once but I always keep blonde in my bangs. However dying the rest of my hair darker colours or even colours of the rainbow the colours bled into the blonde and make it well....less blonde and even brassy looking. I didn't want to have to pay salon prices or go to the store and buy a bottle of bleach for one area.

My tricks to blonder hair

These will only work on already lightly coloulred hair. If you try this on darker hair it will be brassy at first, you can keep trying these tricks to eventually lighten the colour it may take time depending on the shade of your hair colour. Beats salon prices if you're just trying to lighten it a few shades!

Lemony Fresh

Lemon juice, when life gives you lemons lighten your hair!To do this use a cup of lemon juice and a quarter cup of warm water, mix together and put the mixture into a spray bottle. Apply the mixture to your hair thoroughly, making your hair damp. Then go outside and sit in the sun for about an hour this will only lighten the colour by a few shades but it does work. This may dry your hair out I suggest using a good conditioner after you wash the lemon juice and water out of your hair.


Try putting hydrogen peroxide into your hair. Mix 1 cup of peroxide with one quarter cup of warm water apply to hair and go outside in the sun, the sun is a good way to lighten your hair. This can be used on darker hair but your hair coulour will be brassy at first and it may dry your hair out. Use a good conditioner and leave it in your hair if it gets too dry.

Beer anyone?

This is an odd one but it does work really good, it works best on lightened hair. All you have to do for this one is put beer in your hair and let it sit. For best results put beer in your hair and go outside in the sun. It does not matter what kind of beer you use. To get the smell of the beer out of your hair mix a little lemon juice with your shampoo.

My personal favorite

I made this mixture myself and tried it out just the other day. My problem was that my pink hair bled into the blonde and made it more of a strawberry blonde. I used one cup of peroxide, half a cup of lemon juice, 2 teaspoons of baking soda a squirt of shampoo.I highly recommend putting the baking soda in last it does fizz up. Mix in a large mixing bowl, wait until the foam goes away. Use a funnel and pour it into a squirt bottle. Then spray it in your hair. Leave in for as long as you'd like. When I did this I could see my hair getting lighter. I used my thumb and index finger, pinched my hair and them through my hair keeping my index finger and thumb together. I could see the pink coming out of my hair in a foamy substance. This mixture took the pink right out of the blonde and made it even blonder. It didn't dry my hair out personally but it made my hair softer. If it does dry your hair out use dare I say it....conditioner!

All of these tricks have worked for me, especially when my crazy colours bled into my blonde hair. Depending how much the colour soaked into my hair some areas needed a little more attention then others did.


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    • profile image

      Alex 4 years ago

      I thought to myself as I'm trying this... Well lemon juice brightens hair... Don't it? Ohh and so does olive oil and hydrogen peroxide . They all require sun... But I am trying it with all three combined but without. Heat... No sun... And no blow drier. Also baking soda and I also took vitamin capsules and opened capsules and put the powder in the mixture. Normally people would break a vitamin e gel capsule and break that and allow the gel inside the pill into your mixture. Same process. Then I also used a bit of maple syrup because I looked somewhere online that says that maple syrup gives it a beautiful color. And radiant. But also because I needed more honey but I used it all. And then a bit... I mean a tiny bit. But a pinch of salt. A tablespoon of your favorite oil essences or conditioner. I prefer conditioner... Then some Cinnamon for a beautiful light strawberry color.

      The procedure is dry mix dry liquid mix liquid

      This means the dry ingredients: salt pinch



      Baking soda

      Mix in bowl.

      Mix dry ingredients then put on a paper plate or regular piece of paper. Something you can throw away when done. Set the dry ingredients to the side.

      Liquid ingredients: these are tricky cuz honey and syrup are liquids. But very thick. And Lemmon juice and hydrogen peroxide are more watery and so the way you do this is thick liquids go with thick liquids and thin/watery or more Milky liquids go with that area.


      Hydrogen peroxide


      Lemmon juice

      Mix together and then put into a despos able cup or a regular cup.. But then u would need to wash it...::((. Lol

      Now your thicker ingredients!!!

      Liquids: sticky..slow...thick...pasty


      Maple syrup


      Stir then add dry then milky watery liquid to the mixture. Apply to wet hair and wrap with something. I used a walmart baggy but that's chancing holes in bags. But it worked ok. Fill the bottom of the bag with water and if none leaked... Then good! Then take the water out of the bag and dump down the drain. Wrap it up and let set in hair for a bit! I hope for all good!

    • profile image

      Ava 5 years ago

      I tried the peroxide but I didn't sit in the sun. Will it still turn blonde?