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Wardrobe essentials for women – 15 affordable yet stylish picks that shout sexy

Updated on December 24, 2011
Eva Longoria in her wardrobe. Living every woman's dream?
Eva Longoria in her wardrobe. Living every woman's dream?

Are you looking for sexy wardrobe essentials for women that don’t cost a bomb? Forget the Armani's, the Prada's and other fashionista blogs and lists that site unaffordable wardrobe essentials for women form such expensive labels. Check out my selection of wardrobe essentials for women that will leave you looking very chic, hot and evergreen stylish.

A sexy sundress

There's nothing like sipping a cool cocktail, sitting on a hammock, reading on your kindle and resting your feet in white sand, right? A sundress with a fun swirl print, a smocked bust and a beaded halter neckline is a wardrobe essential for women that you can't miss. Depending on how you accessorize, you can wear a sundress at semi formal events and parties too.

Nude Pumps

What's life without nude pumps, I say! These wardrobe essentials for women from Steve Madden promise to give women style with comfort. These nudes pumps are great if you want to add height and a sleek silhouette to your slender feet. Nothing beats the sight of a woman walking in her luscious pumps, does it? This thumbnail of these Steve Madden Women's Russhh Snip Top Pump shows a black color but make sure you select the nude color once you are on the product screen.

Black Leggings

We all hate it when we suddenly get calls and have to head out for a coffee with friends, right? Don’t harrow your brains out ladies. All you have to do is put on this wardrobe essential for women from G by GUESS. Shiny Liquid Leggings are in and look great when paired with tunics, long shirt style tops, large belted looks or even micro mini dresses.

Open Cardigan

What items do you think need to be wardrobe essentials for women when winter sets in? This open cardigan from Three Dots tops my list for sure. The contrast of the vertical and horizontal black and white lines on this wardrobe essential for women is going to be a perfect combination of chic and suave.

Open Vest

Looking for a little glamour? Here's a great tip on having an open vest as a wardrobe essential. Not only will this Sharkskin open vest from Bebe look great on a formal white shirt of a long tunic, but this wardrobe essential for women will look ravishing when worn just by itself. Expose your neck, shoulder blades and just a little bit of cleavage to let the temperatures soar!

Retro shades

Even the dullest outfits can be jazzed up when you put on these lovely wardrobe essentials that all women should have. I'm talking about retro sunglasses from Wayfarer. They have been worn endlessly by celebrities and stars. Why not by you then?

Oversized Handbag

No woman can look good without having a super sized tote or a handbag as her wardrobe essential. This oversized Savitha Hobo bag from Vitalio Vera is going to be oh-so-convenient to dump all your makeup, cell phone, tissues, mint and other knick knacks in and be your best friend wherever you go.

Sheer Pantyhose

If you don't have this wardrobe essential for women in your closet yet, you're missing out on a great item. This sheer pantyhose from Calvin Klein will not only give you a slight temporary tummy tuck, but also make your legs looks super smooth and elegant when you’re wearing casual shorts or formal skirt at work.

Skinny Solid Color Belts

Do you know how many wonders these solid colored skinny leather belts can do to your outfits? These wardrobe essentials for women come in 14 color options with lovely polished metal buckles. Add panache and a dash of style to your denim or mono colored dress with these skinny belts.

Beach Cover Up Dress

Don't take your next beachside vacation without this wardrobe essential for women in your bag. You can wear this dress to and fro from the beach on your bikini or even to a beach side party. Alternatively, this V line soft and lightweight sensuous halter beach cover up from Alki'i can be your companion even as sexy nightwear.

Cropped Leather Jacket

Pair this wardrobe essential for women with skinny jeans and a white inner and you'll be ready to look like a diva riding a Harley! The two breasted zipper details and the tailored fit of this cropped faux leather jacket from G by GUESS with long sleeves is never going to go out of style.

Hot Short Skirt

Everyone seems to have a 'little black dress' in their wardrobe but what about the 'little black skirt?' Amongst all wardrobe essentials for women, this is one item you might end up wearing the most. Best suited to slim and voluptuous women, this hot short skirt in black from Nollie Ponte will look great with sheer pantyhose and nude pumps.

Houndstooth Checkered scarves

These wardrobe essential scarves for women of all ages can never go out of vogue. For a price of less than 5 dollars, they are a steal. You can drape Houndstooth checkered scarves into as many wraps and styles as you want. Throw this scarf on a denim and a tee shirt, a strapless dress or a use it as a wrap on for a bikini or a swimsuit.

Double Strand Necklace

Turquoise is a neutral color that will match and contrast well with all your other wardrobe essentials. You can wear this necklace on top of a simple tee-shirt and denim combo or on a dress. The idea behind having a necklace like this is to add a spark to an outfit that may look a bit dull on its own.

Square Watch

Never ever forget to give finishing touches to your look with this wardrobe essential for women. Choose this reversible watch from Tommy Hilfiger with exposed white stitches on the belt. Whether you're in the boardroom, at college or at a high tea, this watch will work magic on your look. Look closely, this watch has Arabic numerical at 3, 6 and 9.


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    • princesswithapen profile image

      princesswithapen 6 years ago

      "...but because people tend to dress down for most things.." what you say here is so true, Flora. The idea of 'less is more' has ruined the modern day concept of fashion. How you've quickly run through these wardrobe essentials and described your own is magic. You make this hub suddenly come alive!

      Maybe you should try writing hubs on fashion and style advice?


    • FloraBreenRobison profile image

      FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

      Those dresses in the picture are gorgeous. I've got lots of dress clothes in various colours, but because people tend to dress down for most things, I tend to look over dressed unless I'm at a play (and even then some where t-shirts and jeans-but hey, at least they are seeing a play!). as a result, a lot of great dresses just stay in my closet waiting. Often when there is an occasion to dress up, I'm in the chorus and have to wear all black.

      Regarding the items you mention-

      I have summer dresses

      I have no pump s at all as they are too high for me -though I will say that the shoes I buy are all in neutral colours so I don't have to worry about matching

      I wear leggings in cold weather-various colours that are neutral

      I love cardigans

      I have open vests, although I would never wear only the vest as the model is wearing

      I have some great shades-black

      My day purse is definitely large, although I have a small one for evenings

      Sheer pantyhose is a must-I have black and nude (black for choir)

      My belts tend to be neutral for reasons already stated

      I'm not a beach goer

      I tend to not wear leather jackets

      I no longer wear short skirts, although I do wear short shorts

      I have scarves of all designs

      Only a couple of double strand necklaces

      My watch is circular