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Warm, Cozy Footed & Footie Pajamas

Updated on March 21, 2011

Footie Pajamas Are So Comfortable

One of my fondest childhood memories is getting ready for bed by zipping into a pair of warm, fuzzy footie pajamas. You know the ones... with the zipper or snaps from the neck, all the way down to the right foot. Footie pajamas, with their attached sock-like feet, are popular for young children and infants during the cold winter months, but they're not just for children any more. Yes, you can get footie pajamas for adults. While it would be nice to relive a fond memory, as an adult I think I would feel pretty silly wearing them.

Nonetheless, their popularity with the young and old has prompted manufacturers to come out with many new bright, festive and playful designs. Just a few of the footie pajama design options include colorful polka dots, army camouflage, leopard prints and merry reindeer. As well they come in many fabrics; cotton, fleece, flannel and terry cloth. All of which are great for chilly nights.

Footie pajamas are great for babies!
Footie pajamas are great for babies!

Parents Choose Footie Pajamas For Safety

The most common design of footie pajamas include snaps or a zipper that start from the toe of the right foot and extends all the way to collar. Children love to do things for themselves, and footie pajamas allow them that. They also make nighttime trips to the bathroom a little easier.

Footie pajamas are a great choice for infant sleepwear as they eliminate the need for a sleeping blanket; a suspected cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Babies can also wear lightweight footie pajamas all day, which make diaper changing super quick.

Go, tiger!
Go, tiger!

Footie Pajamas With Rubber Grips

The soft fabrics used to make footie pajamas aren't really meant for walking around in as they can be quite slippery on smooth floors. For safety reasons, makers have started adding rubber or vinyl grips to the bottom of the feet. The rubber helps put an end to slips and falls and can actually benefit toddlers that are just learning to walk.

If your child likes to wear footie pajamas but complains that their feet are too hot, there are ones available with removable footies. A slit allows the foot part to be slipped off and folded over the cuff, letting their tootsies cool off.

Footie Pajamas Are Great For Gifts!

With Christmas coming up, choosing footie pajamas as a gift for your children is a great idea. Boys footie pajamas come in many cool designs like basketball, robots and Superman. Girls footie pajamas are available with princesses, fairies, hearts and kitties on them. And if you think he'll be a good sport about it, get your guy some footie pajamas for men in a nice plaid print! Why not make it a tradition? A new pair every year!

They're not just for children anymore! Adult footie pajamas come in a wide variety of patterns.
They're not just for children anymore! Adult footie pajamas come in a wide variety of patterns.

A Closer Look At Footed Pajamas

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