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Wax Vac As Seen On TV Ear Cleaner

Updated on January 8, 2013
Wax Vac As Seen On TV
Wax Vac As Seen On TV

Wax Vac

The Wax Vac As Seen On TV ear wax removal system is being advertised very heavily right now. I have noticed this commercial playing more than just about any other infomercial product so far in 2013 and I have to admit, I like it!

I'm one of those people that will shove just about anything in their ears to try and clean it out or get to an itch and I know how bad it is to do this. You are not really even supposed to use Q tips in the ears so the prospect of the Wax Vac is very appealing.

I know there are several ear wax cleaning systems out there, and some are even Doctor recommended so the real question is does this thing measure up, or is just another As Seen On TV product bust?

I've have tried a few ear wax remedies in the past and to tell you the truth, none of them really caught on with me. The one that comes to mind is the type with the drops and the squeeze ball which shoots warm water in your ears to flush out the wax.

That system was very unnatural and uncomfortable and it just seemed to fill my ears with water. Ever since then I have been looking for something better but have resorted to using a few drops of Swim Ears after showers and Q Tips whenever I feel the urge.

I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat which is what makes the Wax Vac a perfect product for direct marketing. So let's take a look at the Wax Vac commercial and then get into my review.


Wax Vac Reviews

If you watched the commercial closely you should have a pretty good idea about how this contraption is supposed to work. The main idea is that you have a small machine which uses gentle suction to suck the wax out of your ear canal.

So did the Wax Vac really work? Well, kind of.

First, let's start with the cost and then we'll get into the Wax Vac itself. If you buy it through the special TV offer, you are going to spend around $30 for two of them. I'm not exactly sure but if my memory serves me well, I paid $31 and waited over 2 weeks for my product to arrive.

Now that Wax Vac is available elsewhere, you probably won't have to order through the official website and get hit with shipping charges so look at places like Amazon or Walgreens if you decide you want to buy a Wax Vac.

When it arrived I put it together and turned it on. I noticed by how light this thing was that it was probably not made of heavy duty materials. When I turned it on, I was sure of it. It felt like a piece of junk as most other As Seen On TV products and I was immediately disappointed.

But did it work? Like I said above, kind of.

The motor was running and it was using that gentle suction to try and pull some wax out of my ears but to tell you the truth, I wasn't even sure if I even had any wax build up in my ears. So I decided to some Swim Ears drops in my ears to see if the Wax Vac would suck up the liquid and end deposit it into the it's cup. It did, but not well.

The obvious problem seemed to be with the design and construction of the Wax Vac itself. If you look at the image above, you will see a vent running along the side of the unit right near the receptacle cup. That vent lets air escape but it also reduces the suction power of the unit.

If you cover it with electrical tape, the suction gets stronger and the unit works A LOT better. It gets the liquid out of your ears but is it going to get out wax build up. No Way, and here's why.

The wax vac is not going to break up wax build up on it's own and remove it. You need to use the drops designed to break up ear wax and then use the Wax Vac to remove the gunk. To do this effectively, you are going to have to cover the vent to give the unit enough suction strength to get the job done.

So do I think the Wax Vac is worth it? I don't.

Let's review for a moment and start with the fact that you are not supposed to jam things in your ears in search of wax. I realized I did this just to get to itches which I assume are due to wax build up. So far in my life it has not caused any damage and it feels REALLY good!

The Wax Vac will certainly keep you from digging into your ears but it is not going to work miracles. Unlike what the commercial implies, it is a process and probably one you will do more than once.

For $31 this is something that is going to sit under my sink and probably never get used again. So for me, it was a bust. But if you can get it cheap on Amazon or at a local retailer like Walgreens you get some benefit out of it considering you have been warned that it needs some tape over the vent.

Good luck with Wax Vac and let our readers know about your experiences in the comment section below.


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      Johna730 3 years ago

      Surely together with your thoughts here and that i adore your blog! Ive bookmarked it making sure that I can come back &amp read more inside the foreseeable future. kddfaddedbdf

    • profile image

      Myrna 4 years ago

      I paid for an earvac got the stupid gift and I am still waiting for my earvac it's been over three weeks