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Ways to Get a Gorgeous Glow - How to Get a Tan Safely

Updated on June 11, 2013

Getting a safe glow is important

Everyone loves the sunshine; there's no doubt about it. As enjoyable as it is to spend long periods of time frolicking in the sunshine, it's crucial to be protected when doing so. The sun emits harmful UV rays that can penetrate deep into your skin and cause seriously severe problems, if abused. Which is why having some knowledge on what you can do to prevent this could potentially save your life.

Many people wish to have sun kissed skin all year round, which is not always possible when the weather doesn't do what it's told. For when this happens there are other alternatives to getting a tan that are convenient, cheap and safe. It is possible to get a gorgeous glow within just a few minutes!

However, nothing will stop people from using sun beds and religiously sunbathing when on holidays, so learning how to get a natural tan safely will reduce any risks of harming your skin from strong UV rays.

Foods that can help your skin to tan

Most people lounge in the sun for hours and hours on end, to either end up with no tan lines or to suffer with bad burns. The majority of people who enjoy to sunbathe do not realise that what you eat can affect your tan.

Some foods have the ingredients to promote tanning on your skin, meaning you don't have to sit in the sun for as long to get the gorgeous glow you want.

This is great news because it limits the amount of time you are putting your skin at risk. Take note of the following foods and you could reduce your tanning time significantly!


Carrots are beneficial to your daily diet and you should be consuming them regularly anyway, but as well as this they contain carotene, which helps to promote skin coloration. Best results are produced when the carrot is raw as it retains all of its vitamins and minerals at this stage.


Eggs are rather magical in many ways. High in vitamin A, they contain vast amounts of minerals and regenerative properties that contribute in keeping your skin in condition. It's always good to have healthy skin when tanning.

Olive Oil

Like eggs, olive oil has regenerative and revivifying properties, which assist in giving you a gorgeous glow whilst retaining skins moisture and suppleness.

Marinated meats

Marinated meats are particularly good in aiding your tan, especially when brushed with olive oil before cooking.


Cheese, in particular cooked and white cheeses contain elements that promote your tan to come along efficiently.

These foods are great for getting a gorgeous glow. Why not try mixing them up and creating some dishes of your own?

Many fruits and other vegetables such as spinach can also help to tan, plus they are healthy. So incorporate them into your diet and you'll not only have an irresistible tan but you'll feel great too!

For sunburn...

Have some tomatoes or peaches. The nutritional and hydrating elements in these fruits help to repair the skin when damaged from harmful UV rays.

To keep hydrated on the beach...

Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks as these dehydrate you.

It's essential to keep your hydration levels top when in the sun, as it affects all of your body including your skin.

False tan and preparing for a good colour

The rise in sales of self-tanning products in today's market has rapidly increased. The desire for olive coloured skin is a desire among many, and lots of people strive to get this look. Of course there are people who prefer to sunbathe on sun beds or in direct sunlight as a means of getting a 'natural' tan.

However, the convenience and the fact these self-tanning products are so easy to use have resulted in a demand for products just like these. This is a good idea because it reduces risks of skin cancer and skin problems from UV rays. There are two types available to choose from.

Gradual self-tanner

These types of self-tan products are relatively cheap, popular and able to purchase in many brands. The idea of these is to moisturise the skin whilst giving it a glow at the same time. It's always important to hydrate your skin and keep it soft, so these products are great for that.

Over the space of a few hours, the tanning ingredient in the moisturiser will develop and give you a gradual tan. Usually you will be advised to apply the tan over a few days so that a desired colour is achieved.

These types of self-tanner are available in different shades. For pale skin types there are lighter options and there are also deep shades available for those with naturally darker pigment skin. Tanning wipes are also available that can gradually give you a glow, however they are not as easy to apply and not as moisturising for your skin.

Good point: Keep your skin hydrated and supple, with a natural looking tan.

Bad point: As the tan continues to develop the smell of the magic ingredient that gives you colour, tend to smell. Some brands are worse than others are.

Instant self-tanner

The sales of this type of product have boomed lately. Convenience is key, especially when getting ready for a good night out or a simple outing with friends. Instead of waiting for a gradual tanner to give you colour over a few days, this product allows you to apply the tan to the skin and get a colour instantly.

Not only does the colour alter your skin to a wonderful, deep bronze but also the solution continues to develop as the gradual tanner does. So when you wash this instant tan off, you will still see tanned skin. You can also purchase mousse type products which give you an instant tan.

Good point: This product is very cheap, easy to apply and gives a result in minutes. Perfect when in a rush.

Bad point: Gloves must be worn when applying because this product can stain your hands badly for a few washes otherwise. Also, do not get caught in the rain because it's not just instant when it comes on, but off as well!

Preparing for a gorgeous glow

This is important when you choose any method of tanning, but in particular self-tanning products. Lots of people who wear false tan tend to forget that it's just as important to prepare before applying it, as it is to apply it neatly.

Remove dead skin

Learn to brush your body with a body brush, when in the shower. You should always apply tan to clean skin, so use the body brush in circular motions when in the shower. This increases blood flow, exfoliates, can reduce cellulite and also rids of dead skin cells. Pay close attention to your elbows, hands and knees because the skin here is harder and can leave you with embarrassing orange patches!

Remove all hair

This is totally up to you, whether you enjoy to have hair or not! But self-tanning products give better results when applied to hair free skin. Be sure to shave with a good shaving foam and be careful not to cut your skin, as the tan might irritate it.


Warning: Do not use moisturiser before you self tan! This is a problem many self tan users make. As well as using a roll-on deodorant before applying tan, these are a no go. The moisturiser will stop the self tanner from sticking to the skin and deodorant can turn the tan green! Eeek!

Barrier cream

Using a petroleum jelly or barrier cream on areas with harder skin like on elbows, hands and knees can prevent the tan from building up here and giving unnecessary patches.

Discover a routine of preparing well before applying false tan, and nobody will ever suspect it's not a real suntan!

Tip: Do not apply clothing for at least 1 hour after applying self-tanning products. This can leave marks and will stop you from having a flawless tan!

Stay safe in the sun

So the convenience products are great, but what happens when the sun comes out and it's time to head to the beach? There are things that can be done to get a gorgeous glow from natural sunlight easily and with reduced risks.

Thousands of people from all around the globe are diagnosed with skin cancer every year. Skin cancer is a deadly disease that affects more than 50,000 people in the United States each year. Spending too much time on tanning beds or in direct sunlight can increase your chances of getting skin cancer, which is a scary thought.

Take into account these tips and ideas on what you can do to continue enjoying the sunshine whilst avoiding the dangerous side of the sun.

How to keep your skin protected but still get a tan

Cover up

This does not mean you have to entirely cover your body, because how are you going to get a gorgeous glow then? Simply cover areas that are more prone to burning or giving sunstroke.

It's crucial to cover the back of your neck when in long periods of direct sunlight, as this can result in severe sunstroke. Keep sensitive areas covered up or apply a high level of SPF cream to the area. Other ideas would be to set up a parasol when the sun gets too strong, or wear a light T-shirt over the shoulders at midday.

Using sun barrier

There are many different types of sun lotions available. Depending on your skin type, make sure you use some. Most people believe that it stops a person from tanning when applying SPF lotion, but this is false. It actually helps the skin to tan and prevents burning.

Burning the skin is what damages it, so avoid this. Also, invest in some after sun lotion, because if you do happen to burn your skin you should be prepared to repair the skins condition and prevent it from worsening.

Avoid sunbathing at certain times of the day

The sun is usually at its hottest in the afternoon, around 12pm to 3pm. Avoid these times if you have sensitive skin or simply cover your body up a little more to prevent any harm.

Be waterproof!

Everyone enjoys having a dip in a pool or the sea when the sun is blazing; it's fun and ideal to cool off. So be sure to apply a waterproof sunscreen that it does not wash off and leave you with sore skin.

Move around each hour

Try not to fall asleep in the sun or sunbathe for hours on end. Try to set an alarm or remind yourself to get up, walk around and cool off every so often. This stops the direct gaze of the sun from burning through your skin and causing problems.

Do not sunbathe when already sunburnt

This is the worst idea possible. Burnt skin will eventually crack, and sometimes peel off, shedding the skin you have burnt because it is now useless to the body.

If you try to sunbathe on top of the burnt skin you already have, you are really asking for trouble and will certainly not get a tan this way. Only sunbathe when you have undamaged skin.

Get even coverage

Be sure to not stay on the same side for a long time. Rotate your body to get an even tan and prevent burning too much of one area.

Avoid wrinkles

Avoid problems later on in life with your skin by applying a deep moisturiser after every time you sunbathe. This holds your tan in place, keeps your skin hydrated and tight.

If you stay safe when sunbathing by following these tips and keeping your skin moisturised, you will surely get a flawless, healthy looking tan.

Self-tanning tips & tricks!


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Your hub is full of absolutely great and incredibly sensible tips for spending time in the sun and for enhancing the process of tanning. Without paying attention to these tips, the sun can be very damaging and the effects can be detrimental, even fatal over time. Voted up and useful, very useful. Thanks for providing such good information.

    • BethanRose profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from South Wales

      Thankyou.. I'm glad this hub was of use to you!

      It's important to remember to tan safely, it's not all about looking good when your life can possibly be at risk!

    • fucsia profile image


      7 years ago

      Thanks for these very useful and important tips.


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