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Ways to minimize or help close pores

Updated on November 10, 2014
The skin is the body's largest organ
The skin is the body's largest organ | Source

The body’s largest organ

An essential part of that is pores. Perspiration is released through the pores and an oil secretion known as sebum, which also acts as a protectant and surface lubricant. Perspiration is an aid generally in controlling body temperature and helps during strenuous activity and hotter weather.

Facts About Pores

Everybody has pores. Pores are the least noticeable where we find dermal ridges, like the surface of the palm. Dermal ridges are the beautiful lines that run in congruent and wavy patterns on the palms and soles of the feet, and which are difficult to see until we get our 'fingerprint' on something or other.

Noticeable on the face, larger pores can be caused by things such as inherited genetics along with the build up of body oils and dead skin cells.

Enlarged pores can also caused by things such as age and extended sun exposure, another reason for the skin-conscious to consider sun block or other skin protection during outdoor activity. Also, skin loses firmness as we age, and pores may appear larger because of the lack of support from surrounding tissue.

Causes of enlarged skin pores include:

  • Excessively oily skin, and, in combination with
  • Dead skin cells accumulating in the pore
  • Overexposure to sunlight
  • Getting older, in which skin gradually loses elasticity
  • Inherited genetics

Many people affected by noticeable pores Under more pressure from the beauty culture than men, women may feel self conscious about their pore size and some avoid up close photos or social photos altogether at times when pores seem more apparent. Visible pores can be a source of anxiety not only for women but older adults in the mid to later years. Dermatologists report a number of parents coming for aesthetic facial treatments as well as children and their siblings. Yet while larger pores may be relatively common, facial pores may be regularly minimized and relatively easy to manage with a reasonable approach.

How Can You Minimize Pores?

Can it really be done? The most effective procedures will make them appear smaller by promoting clearer skin and through some astringent. Clear pores can make skin look much brighter, in addition making pores practically disappear. Again this is not necessarily a pore shrinking strategy but unclogged pores look less apparent in many cases.

Those interested in learning how to improve the appearance of their pores may only need to change one or two things in their present routine. While these actions won't actually reduce pore size, certain facial cleansers and processes can make them appear smaller.

Dermatologists agree that a skin cleaning regimen including pore-minimizing creams can help with pores through the control of excess sebum production helping with oiliness and clarity. This dermatologist recommendation not only is instrumental in facial care but is impactful because it helps the pores look tinier.

Also there are other products designed to help unclog pores and strengthen your pore walls, resulting in much more attractive skin overall. Consider some of the following ideas to help minimize your pores and keep your skin looking young and healthy.

Exfoliating--this removes dead skin cells on the exterior layer of the skin and for a long time has been used for the maintenance of healthy skin and pore clarity. This allows them to heal and shrink again. Picture your fist holding a lemon and then without. The fist without the lemon represents the exfoliated pore. Brushing the grainy face wash or creme in gentle small circles over your skin will help achieve this result. When you are done, simply pat your face dry. Exfoliating is recommended for both women and men.

  • Exfoliates are cremes or cleansers that either contain tiny balls or grains or chemical such as salicylic acid.
  • A face scrub with the tiny balls, which will feel like grit, can deeply cleanse your skin
  • It doesn’t need to be some expensive brand or something movie stars use.
  • Exfoliation is done well when it is applied in soft circular motions.
  • Use your product in moderation and you’ll get more stretch from your dollar.
  • Try to avoid toweling or rubbing the face dry with the usual strokes, but pat it dry with your towel or drying implement.
  • Exfoliating skin helps maintain a youthful appearance.

Retinol is the active ingredient found in a variety of different skin creams and skin care solutions. It is very useful for people who suffer from large pores because it can help unclog them and thereby give them the appearance of being smaller. Consult with a dermatologist to determine what retinol cream will be best for your needs.

  • Retinol is an antioxidant, and thus interrupts aging in skin and promotes collagen
  • Retinol helps in the pore minimizing game by unclogging the pore and strengthening pore walls
  • Retinol is fancy speak for vitamin A
  • Even though prescription grade is best there are many over the counter products which contain retinol

Cosmetic Procedures

There are cosmetic procedures to consider as well. In most office environments, options such as laser treatments and speciality injections can help provide long term aesthetic solutions to visible pores. However, while results are always quicker, these procedures can be costly for those who are not prepared for them. Salicylic acid peels can be another good way to shrink pores and keep them clear, though individuals will need to return to have the procedure redone after a certain period.


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