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Wear a Military Hat for a Chic Winter Look

Updated on September 17, 2014

Military Hats

It's time to step in line as military hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. Military hats have been the rage for the past few seasons. They have been seen from sports stores across the world to the most prestigious fashion catwalks. The good news are that by just adding this single accessory to any of your outfits you will be sporting one of the latest trends in fashion without having to spend a fortune in making yourself over.

There is a wide range of styles for women’s military hats. You can be as sporty, severe or chic as you want by just adding this single inexpensive accessory to any of your winter outfits.

If you decided to take the military fashion to the limits, to be on top of this winter’s military-style inspired designs you can also match a military hat with any of the military-style jackets seen on the 2014/2015 fashion shows which are very appealing to the eye and perfect to keep you warm through the winter months.

Military Hat

Military hat from Joanna Lark's collection
Military hat from Joanna Lark's collection | Source

The Military Trend

If you have followed the latest fashion shows you might have noticed that designers like Armani, Luis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Moschino have heavily bet on the military style. If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, opting for a military hat is one of the less expensive and most versatile ways of introducing a touch of military-chic to your current wardrobe.

You can buy some extremely good quality military hats from Joanna Lark’s online shop. Her hats are so “in” this season that even the best fashion magazines in Britain have requested them for their photo shoots.

Military Trend

Military trending this winter
Military trending this winter | Source

Vogue magazine : Military look

model Natalia Vodianova wears Louis Vuitton Autumn-Winter 2011-2012
model Natalia Vodianova wears Louis Vuitton Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 | Source

Military Chic

If you are up for a chic military look then forget about traditional military colours and commando style. Follow Luis Vuitton’s style and go for a military cap in a luxurious material. My favourite is the one used on the cover of the German Vogue magazine. See how model Natalia Vodianova wears Louis Vuitton Autumn-Winter 2011-2012 total look. The Peak black cap is the perfect addition for the 1940s style dress and the high-heeled patent leather boots. The look is chic and sophisticated verging on the Dominatrix style without being vulgar or too risky.

If you are thinking about sophistication and timeless elegance, Louis Vuitton’s designs are the best examples of wearing a military style hat in rich materials with elegant and feminine dresses. Notice how the harshness of the military hat is softened by the other materials like fur coats, silk dresses and Claudine style collars, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look.

"MARC JACOBS" Military Inspired Full Show New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014 2015

Louis Vuitton Military hats

Louis Vuitton Winter  2011/2012 collection
Louis Vuitton Winter 2011/2012 collection | Source

Strictly Military

If you are looking for a sharper image or a stricter look, then Moschino’s designs are a good starting point for an elegant, yet strict military look. Moschino’s military hats have a sharper design in traditionally military colours such as black, blue and white. If you are into sporting a more severe and full military look elegantly then this is what you are looking for. Sharp military hats matched with military style jackets and trousers. My favourite one here is the black hat and black suit softened by a long floral collar and floral tie -below.

Moschino Military hat trend

Moschino Ready to Wear Autumn Winter 2011
Moschino Ready to Wear Autumn Winter 2011 | Source



The fancy military style hat

There is also the extremely fancy military hat like the one worn by Beyoncé.Notice that rather than looking severe with a military style, Beyoncé looks very sexy.Would you dare to wear this look?

Fashionable Military hats

Military hats for everyday use

There is also a wide range of military inspired hats that you can match with everyday clothes like jeans. You can find a wide variety from high street stores like Roxy, Quicksilver and Adidas.

How to Wear a Military Hat

  • First of all keep it simple. Your military hat is your fashion statement so try to keep the rest understated.
  • The military trend is all about the details, pair it with feminine items for a chic look.
  • Do not mix too many colours; keep it simple.
  • Give preference to rich materials; avoid cheap looking materials.
  • Keep your hair simple under your hat. Notice that on the Vuitton’s and Moschino’s photos you can hardly see the model’s hair. Tie your hair back on a ponytail for a sharper effect.
  • Avoid the ranger’s style. You want to look sophisticated, not as if you just came out from doing your military service.

How to Wear the Military Trend

Lady Gaga

The Military Hat

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