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What to Wear to a Hoedown

Updated on April 7, 2009

What to Wear to a Hoedown - Without Spending a Lot of Money

You or your son or daughter have been invited to a Hoedown. Now, you need to figure out what to wear this Hoedown. And you'd rather not spend a lot of money.

No problem - its easy. Even if you've never heard the word Hoedown before, you put together something great to wear - working with the items already in your closet, and maybe a few inexpensive additions.

A Hoedown is another term for a Country & Western Dance - now getting more popular thanks to Miley (and Billy Ray!) Cyrus and the New Hannah Montana Movie.

Its casual, and fun, and high energy.... so lets get you dressed - Hoedown style!

Bottoms First. Let's choose some bottoms to wear to this hoedown!

Jeans or Skirts, or Jeans or Skirts....

For the guys, its easy (as usual). Men and boys wear jeans to hoedowns. They do not need even to be his "good jeans" - faded, patched, holey, or otherwise ruffed up will work just swell! Sorry, no shorts boys. Clearing brush and horseback riding are simply not shorts.

For the ladies and girls... we have a few more options (yeah!).

Of course, a woman or girl can also wear jeans to a hoedown. Almost any style will work. Jeans with decorative stitching on the pockets, or maybe even some rhinestones would be perfect too.

Or, perhaps you'd prefer to wear a skirt to the hoedown. A denim skirt or a prairie style skirt will work great. To up your "country quotient" choose a denim skirt with a ruffle of denim or lace along the hem. Or, see what you have with funky stitching on the rear pockets.

Perhaps there is a prairie skirt in your closet, without your even being aware of it. A prairie skirt is made of light weight cotton, sewn in several tiers, and makes a full "circle" when spread out. Any color will work. To take it up a notch, go for white.

Whatever you choose - make sure you can move comfortably! You are going out to have a fun time.

Yes, boys, women and girls CAN wear short skirts to hoedowns. Why? Because a true Cowgirl cleans herself up after her day on the farm - and has clothes she only wears after the chores are done. Cowboys should clean up too, of course, but tend to stick to the same set of clothing.

Now, you need a great top

Plaid, white, horse print, or denim (yes, more denim!)

The best bet for a man or boy going to a hoedown is a plaid button up shirt. The more red, white, and blue, the better. And, again, showing some wear is more than fine. This isn't a job interview after all.

If you have a denim shirt, it is certainly appropriate - but - be careful that you wont be too hot while you're there. Large gatherings at unusual venues can be much hotter than the season might have you dress for.

A girl or woman could also wear a plaid button front top - long sleeved, short sleeved, sleeveless, or even cropped. Blouses with ruffles or lace are great, or, wear a lace camisole or tank underneath a button down shirt or deep V-neck tee.

Need a jacket for the hoedown? I think you know where we are heading... Yes! A jean jacket. Again with decorative stitching or studded or rhinestone designs would be perfect.

Your Shoes - You should be able to guess by now

Yes, that's right. Wear Boots to a hoedown

If you happen to have leather (or leather look) boots - this is THE time to wear them. Any color or style will be great. Young girls love to wear pink ones!

Do be sure you will be comfortable in them though.. Enjoying the party is more important than what you wear on your feet. (Ok, OK, if you must... wear your painful boots, but bring along other shoes to change into)

Not a boot chick (or boot guy)? No problem! Instead of sneakers, try for loafers. Of course, work boots will be right at home at a hoedown too!

Kick it up a notch (pun intended)

Accessory ideas - cheap, or, already in your home

For a belt, grab some long brown or tan shoe laces. String at least 2 through your beltloops and tie in a simple knot at the waist.

Or, just a hunk of rope tied in a knot. Otherwise, brown leather is good - anything that looks like a horse's bridal or reins (again with the worn look)

Big Belt buckle. To simulate one (if you REALLY do not have one lurking somewhere!)

Tie a red bandanna around your neck, or (ladies only please) as a kerchief on your head.

Girls - buy some lace trim (sold by the yard at fabric stores) and add to the hem of your skirt. Guys - buy some cording (also sold by the yard at fabric stores) to outline the yolk across the back of your shirt.

Have you been to a Hoedown lately? Or, do you have another suggestion? Tell us about it... leave a link to where we can see it if you like.

Show us YOUR Stuff!

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    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      good advise I'm going to a hoedown on school camp this week a I did not know what to wear!!!! THANKS <8P