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Casual Coverups for Summer

Updated on July 25, 2011

Whether you work in an office or simply want to cover your back and shoulders, a coverup can be the solution to many fashion related problems.

Coverups, such as shawls and button-up sweaters, are becoming an increasingly popular trend in the fashion world, with designers like Trina Turk creating adorable styles that will flatter any body type.

From short, cap-sleeved shawls to long waisted sweaters, the options are truly endless when it comes to picking out coverups to add to your wardrobe.

Women's coverup sweater that buttons.
Women's coverup sweater that buttons. | Source

Casual coverups, such as cardigans and short sleeved shawls can be worn over any top with shorter sleeves. They can help you maximize your wardrobe, allowing you to wear more revealing styles, such as spaghetti strap tops, in environments where too much exposure is déclassé. Coverups with buttons or snaps can be used to cover up revealing necklines while allowing a cute tank to show. By adding a cute coverup to your outfit, you can wear more of your tops to work, church or anywhere else for which you need to dress modestly.

Coverups can also be worn with designer dresses. Consider taking one with you when you go out in an evening dress, and be prepared for any change in the weather. Sweater-style coverups are lightweight enough to wear in warm weather, but are warm enough to block out a chill if it becomes overcast and cloudy.

When choosing a coverup to wear with your outfit, choose a color that coordinates with the top you plan to wear underneath. You may want to stock up while shopping, purchasing several different coverups in assorted colors and fabrics. At the very least, it’s a good idea to own one white and one black coverup, as these can be matched with pretty much every other color.

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